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Re: Real Naked Cycling (i.e. no phone or GPS)

Posted: 19 Jul 2019, 8:38am
by cbman65
My first major tour - across Switzerland, down the west coast of Italy and then round the Peloponnese - predated GPS and mobile phones.
We started with a map of Switzerland (about A3 for the whole country) that was given away free by a bank when we changed some money. Once in Italy we then swapped our map for one of Italy (about A2 for the whole country). Greece was a bit trickier and involved line drawings in my copy of 'Let's Go:Europe'.

Lack of detail made for some interesting navigational choices, but some interesting memories.

Re: Real Naked Cycling (i.e. no phone or GPS)

Posted: 22 Jul 2019, 3:26pm
by gbnz
Slightly different "naked cycling" on Saturday!

Soaked to the skin for the previous 30 Hr's (NB. Primarily due to road spray), I became sick of chaving from waterlogged tee shirt, underwear, socks et al. So stripped to the shorts and shoes and carried on in pouring rain for another 25 miles. Far more comfortable!

Had quite a few bemused looks from motorists, not least the police vehicle which followed me for a full 5-6 minutes :wink: