Pitchcott Hill

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Pitchcott Hill

Postby puffin » 23 Sep 2019, 11:37am

Just a light hearted / puzzled / wth? kind of post.

I seem to enjoy a charmed life cycling, the worst I ever got was a gentle beep to move over when riding out with my wife for the first time (I had to add the word "out" there to avoid humourous comments) and abuse from a Ford Focus in Cornwall. Seriously, entirely through luck rather judgement, somehow I cycle serenely through this pleasant land untouched by conflict and car bodywork. Except for Pitchcott f****ng Hill. The poor drivers trying to pass me frequently get it wrong and cause an early swerve or a slow down by the approaching vehicle. What is it with Pitchcott Hill? I could meet the same drivers moments earlier on the flat, or anywhere else and they'll slide effortlessly and safely past me, but a few metres later, on the hill, and its all different. They're not aggressive, angry, blameful, they just seem to get it wrong. Weird. It does encourage me to get some quick (for me) times on the hill.
I did earn some revenge on society one day at the top of the hill going down towards Oving when a contractor resurfacing that road let me through, only to find myself stopped by the guy at the other end who pointed at his Road Closed sign and shouted "Can't you read?" to which I replied "Aahm sorry, Ahh don't speak Engliiiish, je suis tres desolee" and he waved his hands in frustration and let me go on.

But seriously, what is it with Pitchcott Hill??? Does anyone else have Nemesis Roads?