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Re: Punishment Stops

Postby merseymouth » 2 Oct 2019, 12:55pm

Hi all, One can expect the opinion in the pub to include - "Well, the don't pay Road Tax" :evil: :lol:
Suffered many times, worst when a Jaguar driving moron chopped lanes on the M602, over solid white line, then did an emergency stop! I wason a Vespa GT200 at 60 mph :shock: . Got his number, reported him to GM Police, total waste of my time.
But one similar incident occurred whilst out with my daughter on m/cycles. She on Suzuki 125, me MZ250. She was on L-Plates doing very well, I following at safe distance. As we approached a set of traffic lights we both changed down, prepared to stop is necessary, only to have a people carrier shoot past the swerve into our lane and do an emergency stop :shock: . We both hit the anchors, but sadly my daughter had no safe space as the driver acted in a homicidal fashion! She didn't hit the car, but suffered a wipe out of the front wheel, so went down hard.
Even I had difficulty stopping as 4 disc brake wheels gave him the edge.
What made matters worse was the fact that a 10 year-old got out of the car to rant at my prostrate daughter.
But even though I was on a separate bike the police don't accept the word of the following rider as to the culpability of the moronic motorist!
Not enough drivers get taken off the road at the appropriate time, that cursed "Totting Up" system. MM

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Re: Punishment Stops

Postby Cunobelin » 2 Oct 2019, 7:32pm

merseymouth wrote:Hi all, One can expect the opinion in the pub to include - "Well, the don't pay Road Tax" :evil: :lol:

Sorted that on one occasion.

Petrolhead at work, who came out with that one in the staff room, and the fact that I should give way as he paid "Road Tax" and I didn't.

I agreed fully, and unequivocally with him

Just asked if he meant VED in which case his Audi was about £150 a year.

I have two cars, one at £325 and one at £160

I was, therefore, paying almost 3 times as much "Road Tax" than him, so by his own argument.. he should be getting out of MY way

He wasn't happy!

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Re: Punishment Stops

Postby awavey » 2 Oct 2019, 9:31pm

well the police may well be interested in the driver, but if you read the original instagram post, she says the driver has been found, spoken to, and has denied it happened, and without camera footage and no other independent witnesses stepping forward, it’s going to be difficult to bring any charges.

its happened to me a few times, albeit over 10 years worth of commuting, so its incredibly rare still nothing like as common as close passes or smidsys, but Ive always had an escape route and its been slow speed so you can see the driver thinking of it before they do it.

not sure at 45kph on a descent Id have had any chance of stopping quickly enough

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Re: Punishment Stops

Postby Avspider » 4 Oct 2019, 3:35pm

It's happened to me, I'd even tapped on the drivers window previously as he was driving alongside me.
It was all on camera and the driver has been taken to court.
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Re: Punishment Stops

Postby flat tyre » 4 Oct 2019, 4:43pm

I've had similar experiences, but in my cases I'm not sure whether the driver had any malicious intent or was just careless. What usually happens is car goes past at speed then slams on brakes as the left or right turn they were trying to make is blocked by on coming traffic etc. leaving me very little leeway, especially if it's wet.