Disgraceful driving!

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Re: Disgraceful driving!

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softlips wrote:
Pennine pedaller wrote:
reohn2 wrote:There are those who enjoy antagonising cyclists not usually to the degree of the OP granted but it's obvious to anyone who rides a bike,it's become the norm in a land where policing is practically extinct.

I hope you friend mends well and gets back on the bike otherwise the morons win.

Sadly this might be the one that stops him riding.He had a hit and run a couple of years ago but that one wasn’t quite so serious.It’s early days but at this time his head is telling him he’s done.He is in a lot of pain and full of drugs so he might feel differently in a few weeks.There is the possibility of course that he may not physically be able to ride again even if he gets over it mentally.I think this has genuinely scared him.
If this was,as suspected,a deliberate attack then the individual in question is clearly a very dangerous person to be driving about.
This has been on local BBC and in local press plus Cycling weekly/Road CCs social media pages and many local cycling clubs have posted the Police appeal on their social media pages..Someone must know the perpetrator who will surely have new damage to his/her car.

I was the second person in the incident on the OP. I've been back in hospital after my first visit, had two weeks off work (for the first time in 36 years of employment), I'm back working from home today but still in a lot of pain - too much to be able to travel around hospitals for work. My friend was not so lucky, his recovery is going to be much much longer, I hope he has no lasting effects and is able to get back on a bike again but it won't be before the end of summer.

I wish you both a speedy recovery.
He’s certainly had his share of bad luck out on the road!
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