Road Hazards, South of Brum, June 2020

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Road Hazards, South of Brum, June 2020

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There's quite a few hazards following the recent storms, and "Surface Dressing", so if you're going to cycle in this area over the next few days or the weekend, please be aware of them. These are roads that are very popular with cyclists
This is around Alvechurch, Wythall, Earlswood, Tanners Green and so on, and taken together for those of you who have maps mean its difficult to avoid all of them!

"Surface Dressing"
    From the Weatheroak pub along the road towards Alvechurch - Surface dressing, unswept as of today. Starts around where the pub entrance is and goes on for a bit - the start of it, and the loose gravel, is just about nicely placed if you are wizzing down the hill and lining up to avoid the slime from the farmyard opposite!
    Along Redhill Rd/Clewshaw Lane from the former Man in the Moon up to the crossroads with Middle Lane/Silver Street. This has been there since earlier this week when we were walking over there and remains unswept.

Storm debris - I came across these when out riding yesterday evg
Almost anywhere theres a dip in the road or where surrounding fields drain onto it there's slime, gravel and other debris washed-out from the surrounding fields. I didn't dare go down Salter St (From the Bulls Head) which is bad enough at the best of times but did ride the following
    Mill Lane from Tanners Green towards Poolhead Lane (the Limes)
    Poolhead Lane - just past the Limes as you go downhill, slime/sludge
    Springbrook Lane between the Lakes station and Earlswood Common
    Bits of Small Lane

The crossroads at Tithe Barn Lane/Cut Throat lane (the end of the nice loop around Wedges) oddly enough wasn't flooded as it has been for several months over the Winter but the gravel on the junction seemed moe widespread.
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