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Varsity Way (National 51) closed between Winslow and MK

Posted: 15 Jul 2020, 6:37pm
by mjr
It's closed in multiple places for up to 9 months by the East West Rail works. ... 5918775745 had some details. Sustrans will add a note to ... /route-51/

The National Byway between Islip and Three Locks and National 6 between Three Locks and MK offers an alternative, but that's longer and hillier.

A shorter diversion would be via Little Horwood and Coddimoor Lane Whaddon, but that's not well signed (follow Mursley to exit Whaddon southwestbound) and involves entering/leaving MK at Kingsmead not Bletchley.

Re: Varsity Way (National 51) closed between Winslow and MK

Posted: 18 Jul 2020, 1:38pm
by atlas_shrugged
This is really bad news. Bad experience has shown that when a cycle way is grabbed then it is 'given back worse'. Examples of this are:

Misguided busway at Clay Farm in Cambridge
Marston Ferry Road in Oxford.

The route between Winslow and MK (Bletchley) is a potentially excellent route because it is mainly off-road with few motor vehicles. The route is very direct.

BUT there were things about the route that did make it unusable for some cycle users:
1) About 3 sets of gates that are a barrier to disabled cyclists e.g. handcyclists
2) Gravel surface so the route was not used by road cyclists, HPVs
3) Poor and uneven road surfaces - so caution was needed using this route.

I really fear that East-West rail will give this cycling route back in a worse state. Bad experience shows that developers just seem to love salami-chopping potentially good cycle routes e.g. the Marston Ferry Greenway in Oxford.