Canal towpath petition

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Re: Canal towpath petition

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Valbrona wrote:I would welcome the banning of cyclists from canal towpaths. Cyclists on towpaths are a danger and nuisance. I have found the ones that do it mostly have stunted brains.

And yet round here the canal towpath is a National Cycle Route.
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Re: Canal towpath petition

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A short section of route 6 is on the Trent and Mersey canal south of Derby.
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Re: Canal towpath petition

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shame i never saw this, would shave signed
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Re: Canal towpath petition

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Just looked back a page. Why is there a problem asking cyclists to dismount in certain places? I suggest it is not about width but speed and control plus a walking cyclist is less different to the pedestrian. A few seconds/minutes longer is irrelevant. After all we use this when wanting cars to slow down.
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