Quiet Lanes

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Re: Quiet Lanes

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Bmblbzzz wrote:Interesting that you say that looks urban; to me it looks distinctly rural! But that's not got much to do with the topic.

have to agree, just a row of 'cottages' as can be seen in many parts of the countryside. :D
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Re: Quiet Lanes

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Vantage wrote:Same up here.
I used to live cycling up to Rivington for the peace and quiet.
These days it's a race track for bikers and a rat run for everyone else. There's that many parked cars along the lanes around the village and reservoirs that keeping to the left is all but impossible.
I miss the 90's.

+1 Rivington/Belmont positively unpleasant these days especially on Sundays with bikers wizzing past at 70 mph+. Don’t get me started on the litter and spent nitrous oxides canisters (who knew whipped cream was so popular in these parts). Rant over; I feel a bit better now.
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