Cycle Path Maps

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Cycle Path Maps

Postby tbuckland4 » 11 Aug 2020, 4:24pm

Hi everyone

I'm new to the forum and pretty new to cycling after a long break, having just upgraded from a 25 yr old Marin Bobcat to a hybrid for road/gravel commuting.

I have just moved east of Leeds to be within cycling distance of my office. I've yet to make the journey, which requires me to travel up a steep and fairly narrow 50mph road called Bullerthorpe Lane near Colton. At the moment the traffic is not particularly bad but I don't relish the thought of travelling to and from work in rush hour when the evenings start getting darker.

While driving that way I have seen cyclists heading off the road on to (what I presume/hope) is a cycle-friendly and car-free path running alongside Temple Newsham, but I've really struggled to find the entrance or any reference online to whether or not there is a recognised path there. I may well be looking in the wrong place - could someone point me in the direction of a reliable resource for finding cycle paths please (if one exists)?

Many thanks in advance.

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Re: Cycle Path Maps

Postby DevonDamo » 11 Aug 2020, 6:04pm

There's loads of options, including and, but in your case, it appears that Google Maps has the answer. Make sure you've got the 'Bicycling' option turned on and you should see this:,+Leeds/@53.7827056,-1.4336078,14z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x48794328a7af1581:0xc763101a576107a5!8m2!3d53.7765943!4d-1.4323954!5m1!1e3

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Re: Cycle Path Maps

Postby Traction_man » 12 Aug 2020, 8:26am

Hi Tom,

I use this online mapping which is free to access:



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Re: Cycle Path Maps

Postby mercalia » 12 Aug 2020, 11:21am

I had a look and the only one I could find that is as described starts near the Northern gas works and a small lake see image on opposite side - the large light brown coloured dotted path. It doesnt go all the way parallel to Bullerthorpe Lane so would have to exit onto the lane again . not sure if the surface is very good and would therefore be slow. you will have to one week end go take a look?

You have to cross over the M1 and river Aire some where?

bullerthorpe lane.png
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Re: Cycle Path Maps

Postby tbuckland4 » 12 Aug 2020, 10:42pm

Great thanks everyone, some good options there. A couple of locals have suggested there is a path on the west side but no one I’ve spoken to has actually cycled it. I’m hoping to get out this weekend and work it out - hopefully it’s been gravelled if not surfaced as I am without suspension on my bike so might be an uncomfortable ride. Thanks again.