Overtaking distance - what's all that about

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Re: Overtaking distance - what's all that about

Postby The utility cyclist » 23 Nov 2020, 11:47am

rjb wrote:These signs are beginning to appear in Taunton. Spotted one near a school.


Will it remind the school run drivers. Not too sure there. :(

I don't particularly like this type of sign, motons can still blast past and the supposed 1.5m (which isn't 1.5m at all) simply isn't enough of a safe space around kids milling out of school/on bikes.
Either ban motors completely which is by far the best and safest option or reduce their max speed to 5mph as per a car park. Yes i appreciate hardly anyone does 5mph in a car park.
Without enforcement the signs are meaningless.

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Re: Overtaking distance - what's all that about

Postby Stradageek » 23 Nov 2020, 1:18pm

tykeboy2003 wrote:Agreed, probably 70%-80% of overtakes are good, leaving a good 6 feet clearance or even going right over the other side of the road - then suddenly out of the blue a vehicle squeezes past within a foot and sometimes without slowing in the slightest.

Frustrating isn't it. I generally wobble/move out slightly as I hear/see cars approaching to encourage drivers to give me more room. Then, like you, after several safe passes I think 'nice drivers today' and don't wobble/move out for the next car - which then passes far too close :(

I've resorted to just assuming every driver will make a close pass and wobble/move out for everyone - but please note this is a carefully judged manoeuver, just enough to wake up the driver but not enough to be dangerous, and it's worked for 50yrs now. :D

Or - but this is a bit extreme - ride a recumbent. Since I moved to the dark side, I've realised that close passes only ever occur when I'm back on the upwrongs

PS towing a trailer also works