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Re: Commuting Luggage

Postby Stevek76 » 14 Jan 2021, 1:11pm

redecoffee wrote:Did you ever find noticeable imbalance when using only one?

Nah, I used to think this would be a thing before had panniers, it isn't. I've had the odd stupidly imbalanced load before (i.e. more than the rated 25kg rack limit on one side) and you do start to notice then that you're naturally leaning the bike the other way a little but it doesn't cause handling problems.

Main problems with heavy loads on the rear only (lopsided or not) are inadvertent wheelies on steeper hills/too much power and careless dismounted handling.

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Re: Commuting Luggage

Postby Cyclewala » 14 Jan 2021, 2:45pm

mattsccm wrote:Carradice used to make a big tall saddle bag that mounted high o a SQR mount. Any idea what it was? No idea what. Gets all my clothes, lunch, odds and sods and a few books in it.
Edited. This one. Big enough for some A4 files or a classes worth of marking.

They do an SQR Tour and SQR Slim. I think the latter resembles what you're referring to. It's not as tall as the Tour version but is wider, so good for thin, wide items like A4 files.

I use the Tour version for commuting, swallows laptop and all the paraphernalia with ease. Though I usually leave laptop at work.
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Re: Commuting Luggage

Postby Vorpal » 14 Jan 2021, 2:55pm

I have normally used a rack pack with zip-out pannier things. that can hang down the rack. I can generally carry what I need in the rack pack, and still stop and pick up something at the shops if I need to, using the zip-out sides.

I do need to take panniers if I need to carry a laptop. One pannier is not a problem, even fairly well loaded.

My work location has changed, so when I am back in the office (currently work from home), I will need to change my commuting habits. I am currently thinking I will walk + bus, but I will have to see how reliable that is. The next most convenient alternative is folding bike + train.
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Re: Commuting Luggage

Postby TrevA » 15 Jan 2021, 5:03pm

The Fusion Pannier was a full size pannier, made out of a waterproof, reinforced plastic material and was waterproof. I don’t know why they stopped making them. I also have a set of Ortlieb Back Rollers but I’ve found that they don’t hold their shape very well when half full, so never used them for commuting, whereas the Fusion kept its shape well, irrespective of contents.

Here’s a picture of the Fusion on Amazon, but it’s unavailable. ... drX8xhhQbc
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Re: Commuting Luggage

Postby basingstoke123 » 15 Jan 2021, 11:48pm

A single pannier is ideal for commuting. For many years, I used Karrimor panniers. It is amazing how long a pair lasts, when only using one. Unfortunately, my last pair out lasted the company.

I find a side pocket essential, and my current pannier lacks one. Somewhere to dump those small items, like lights, gloves (light weight, for winter), small notebook, pen, etc. But more importantly, being able to retrieve things quickly instead of rummaging around the bottom of the pannier to try to find your back light, or second glove. Very frustrating.

Not willing to compromise on that a second time, but the Altura Night Vision (no longer available, I see) has not lasted well, and I don't think I can keep patching it any longer. Within 2 years it had holes along the bottom edge, now all the bottom edge is gone. Putting the D lock in it might not have helped (but the Karrimore didn't develop holes). It would be OK for touring (not around the world), but not regular utility use.

Any recommendations?