My first utility ride

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Postby yoyo » 1 Dec 2008, 10:05pm

I know the feeling re standing in fields. My commute, although through amazing countryside and very quiet roads, is totally covered in mud and puddles at present. I could not ride to work without a change of clothes as I would just be filthy for the day. In the spring / summer I could definitely ride to work in practical smart clothes but I wouldn't try a dress over the distance. Last summer I had hoped to cycle to the local town - a clean route - in smart kit and shoes (even including a handmade Panama hat but, alas we didn't get the weather and I wore my ski jacket more often than not!

The Alamo has been 'replaced' by something else but it is the same principle. Gazelle do a tourer along similar lines but it is more expensive

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Postby fatboy » 2 Dec 2008, 7:36am


It is sad that arriving by bike is still considered to be novel but well done for bucking the trend. Before you know it you'll be joining in to the discussion regarding the biggest/heaviest/most awkward thing that you've got in your panniers!
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Postby meic » 2 Dec 2008, 8:40pm

The front suspension/hub of our VW Passat.
When I shot off at the traffic lights, it didnt accelerate as fast as I did and twisted round into the spokes of my back wheel! :oops:
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Postby essexman » 3 Dec 2008, 9:19am

i cycle on rural roads in civvies. My secret is that i mostly wear black or brown. It hides that fine mud spray nicely....

I do keep a spare pair of trousers at work just in case. A capsule wardrobe where your spare clothes match any of your potential outfits is a real asset when utility cycling in civvies.

Mind where i live , when its muddy its muddy everywhere. merely getting in and out of the car can get me muddy. As the bikeshed is closer to the door than the car, i'll often get less muddy on bike. I do have all that bumpf that folks haev talked about coat guards (what men call a skirt guard), chain guard, mud guard.
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