Get bike from Stanstead to Central London

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Get bike from Stanstead to Central London

Postby roadrush » 2 Feb 2009, 9:34pm

I'm looking at getting a bike fitting done in bespoke cycling in London however the best value flights are from Belfast to London Stanstead (Ryanair). So just how easy is it to get from Stanstead to Hoxton Square on public transport. Cycling it isn't practical as I will have a bike bag so can't just dump that and in any case I plan on flying in and out on the same day. Also planning on using a ChainReactionCycles bike bag which I already own. Any special precautions if flying Ryanair :lol:

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Re: Get bike from Stanstead to Central London

Postby skrx » 3 Feb 2009, 12:12am

Stansted has a railway station (Stansted Airport Station). I think trains go to Stratford and Liverpool Street.

Liverpool Street Station is about half a mile from Hoxton (depending which bit, check on the map). You can't take a bike on the Northern Line (in Central London), I'm not sure what they'd think of a bike in a bag.

There are also coaches from the airport, but I don't know what that'd be like for bikes.

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Postby Tonyf33 » 5 Feb 2009, 7:20pm

trains run from stanstead airport every 15 minutes to Liverpool street station taking approx 45 minutes with no changes. £28-£30 return
However national express run coaches that take 1hr 30 between stanstead & Victoria Station for £17.50 return same day Then get on the Circle line at Victoria underground to Liverpool street station. shouldn't be a problem with a bike bag so long as you're not travelling in rush hour.
it is 1 mile to walk to Hoxton square from Liverpool street so no big deal really unless you are buying a butchers bike... :lol:

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Postby roadrush » 5 Feb 2009, 7:28pm

Thanks for the info.

Doing some digging. Pity Stelios didn't do bikes on those easy buses - now that's what I call cheap.

Will have to check out both the National Express and Train options. Seems the Standsted Express will allow bagged bikes so long as you are going to and coming from the airport. Not sure what the policy is with National Express. Thanks for the pointers.

The bike is about 8-8.5kg so it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

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Postby roadrush » 8 Feb 2009, 11:34am


Now ready to book my flights and can get cheap flights with both Ryanair and Easyjet so is there a particular preference when taking bikes with either of these or are they both as hit and miss as the other.

Also on doing some reading I now find that they have introduced waivers absolving them of any responsibility if my bike is damaged so does that really mean that I have to pay for getting any damage rectified and if so is there anywhere I can insure against that risk.

Looks like I can use the Stansted Express as long as my bike is bagged which it will be however it's difficult to see if there are any restrictions about the times I can travel. Anyone know? I want to travel at rush hour ie around 7.30-8am as my fitting will be at 10am also easyjet allows me to book my tickets for the stansted through them - £25 return (looks reasonable) - I think it was £30 through national-rail website though it is very light on detail also about any restrictions there might be so anyone any experience of using this combo?

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Postby iviehoff » 10 Feb 2009, 4:32pm

I think you can use Stansted Express trains, provided the bike is boxed, even in the peak.

There are additional non-express trains from Stansted Airport to Liverpool St. Since I don't like boxing my bike, I use them in preference. They run about once an hour. You can use these with a ready-to-ride bike, provided not in the peak in the direction of the peak. They take about 20-30 mins longer than the express, but won't save you any money. On other occasions I have cycled from Bishops Stortford Stn to Stansted Airport. That option does save a bit of money, though the 5 mile ride isn't very pleasant, including getting past slip-road junctions on motorway-size roads. But unless you can get local advice on how to avoid it, I observe a no cycling sign has recently appeared on the direct route straight down the main road.

There are also additional possibilities to get from Stansted to London by non-express rail services which involve a change on the way. May be useful if you find you have just missed the hourly direct slow train.

"What luggage can I carry on a National Express coach?
The luggage allowance for each passenger is a maximum of two medium sized suitcases weighing no more than 20kg each and one piece of hand luggage. Hand luggage must be capable of fitting in the overhead luggage racks or under seats. If you do carry more than this allowance we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate the excess baggage. Space can often be of a premium and we cannot predict what luggage other passengers on the same journey may bring.
We kindly request that you do not bring the following items within your luggage...
...Non folding bicycles" ... policy.cfm

The reason National Express banned bikes from its coach services in the first place was because of damage to other customers' luggage. But if your bicycle is in a box, I don't really think they are too bothered what is in the box, if there is space available to carry it. A smaller boxed bicycle with wheels removed would be easier, you can call that "folded". The only time I absolutely needed to get a bike on a National Express bus, because the only railway service was closed due to flooding, I slipped the driver a fiver. But I was fortunate that there was plenty of space on a near-empty coach available to keep my mucky bike well away from other people's stuff.

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Postby roadrush » 10 Feb 2009, 6:06pm

Thanks I've booked with Easyjet and I'm now pretty certain that I can take my bike on the Stansted Express and as I have to bag my bike for the flight it suits me fine to just carry it on.

Looks like I have 1 mile walk to the shop but I should be in London in plenty of time so not a great problem unless it's raining heavily.

Let's hope at the end of it all I will have a much better fit and less pain and injuries. Only time will tell on that.

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Postby woollee23 » 12 Feb 2009, 10:48pm

I used to work in the Shoreditch / Hoxton area many moons ago, commuting into Liverpool Street daily, and it is quite easy to walk from Liverpool Street to Hoxton. It'll take around 15 minutes.

You could also hop on a bus from Liverpool Street (Bishopsgate exit) up to Kingsland Road (route 149). Hoxton Square is a short walk from the Geffrye Museum stop.

Good luck!