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Anyone got a bicygnal indicator?

Posted: 23 Feb 2009, 10:43pm
by AnnaV

Posted: 23 Feb 2009, 11:02pm
by DavidT
Not convinced!

a) Not enough separation (width) between left and right to make them visually meaningful.
b) Not enough recognition from motorists following. Could you honestly rely on this light when making a turn?
c) Nothing wrong with the MK1 arm out (albeit with nicely visible/reflective gloves at certain times of year).
d) Would guess that it would not be especially visible in daylight, and easily lost amongst other lighting/indicators at night.
e) Lots of other more useful things around to spend your accessory budget on!

Best wishes

Posted: 23 Feb 2009, 11:31pm
by AnnaV
I just don't like cycling one-handed when trying to cross lanes and roundabouts. Shame, good idea.

Actually have googled it and people saying it's not waterproof which is a bit crap.

Posted: 23 Feb 2009, 11:32pm
by AnnaV
DavidT wrote:e) Lots of other more useful things around to spend your accessory budget on!

What would you recommend?

Posted: 24 Feb 2009, 8:50am
by Si
AnnaV wrote:
DavidT wrote:e) Lots of other more useful things around to spend your accessory budget on!

What would you recommend?

If you are a little nervous about crossing lanes of traffic/roundabouts/etc then you might benefit from a session with a qualified cycle instructor: not that I'm saying that you are a bad cyclist or anything, but I think all of us could improve in some way no matter how good/experienced we are. If you have a look on the main CTC website there should be, somewhere, a list of instructors by area, or just contact the cycling section of your local council.

Posted: 24 Feb 2009, 10:42am
by dgibby
Slightly off topic but I remember reading last year sometime that an engineering student had developed a bike jacket which had a load of LED's sewn in it that using an accelerometer method displayed a "braking cluster" when slowing down rapidly. Anyone know more about it?

Posted: 24 Feb 2009, 10:46am
by dgibby

Posted: 24 Feb 2009, 2:56pm
by Coffee
I haven't tried those but I noticed some $6 ones at Deal extreme (free postage?) that might be worth a go.

Or there are similar seat post ones on ebay or available from the Eurolight ltd website. about £10.

Posted: 24 Feb 2009, 7:57pm
by dmiller
AnnaV wrote:Actually have googled it and people saying it's not waterproof which is a bit crap.

I had a peugot car with indicators like that... :)

Posted: 24 Feb 2009, 8:17pm
by martinwf5
do you get the HAZARD button just in case of a breakdown (puncture)

Posted: 27 Feb 2009, 2:57pm
by essexman
i've been keeping an eye out for a decent system for a while these look poor.

However, new boy is the Winkku

I'm much more convinced by these. Being on the wing mirror its well seperated and even if its poor, you get a mirror and back up light for free. The only problem is the price. I already have a mirror and back up light and i'm a bit broke (kids cost a fortune!)

Re: Anyone got a bicygnal indicator?

Posted: 27 Feb 2009, 5:58pm
by gaz
AnnaV wrote:Any thoughts?

I've seen one on a bike just this week. Daylight, good visibility and I could still see the "indicator" flashing. Pity the rider hadn't cancelled it after he'd turned.

Personally I wouldn't go for one. It won't meet the legal requirements for indicators, so you've still got to stick your arm out anyway.

Posted: 27 Feb 2009, 6:49pm
by kwackers
You can't beat arms - very positive and obvious what you intend.

Bright gloves with reflective strips are best, just make sure you're positive with your indication - I see so many half-baked attempts, hand barely lifting off the bars...

Re: Anyone got a bicygnal indicator?

Posted: 28 Feb 2009, 11:19pm
by ed_o_brain
I can't see any need for these types of things*. Some might say I'm just a stubborn old fule for making this kind of remark, however I'm not even middle aged yet.

As you already know, the wonderful thing about the bicycle is it's simplicity.That's why cycling is a good form of transport for people on low-incomes. It doesn't have he complexity and therefore running costs of, say a moped or even a small car. If someone were to actually invent an indicator system for a bicycle that actually 'worked' then 'progress' would start to get in the way and before you know it, we will be required to have electronic indicators and yellow flashing beacons on our steeds before we can cycle on the roads, as per class 3 mobility scooters.

Drivers have enough aids to abdicate their responsiblity as it is. Using my arm to signal is a courteous to other road users that I am a human being, not enshrined with crumple zones and airbags.

*Except in circumstances where such aids benefit cyclists who, affected with health or physical problems, would otherwise be unable to cycle safely.

Re: Anyone got a bicygnal indicator?

Posted: 2 Mar 2009, 2:16pm
by essexman
Well Ed my two needs are:
-For downhill turns (particularlry right), i have a tough one everyday on a busy road and its basically brake or signal. I tend to snatch a signal to pull out and then snatch a second signal to turn right. Its awkward and not very clear. An indicator would give signalling capability for the whole way down the hill.

-Right turn in pitch black at a staggered crossroads. Lots of traffic is going from left to right. They cant tell i'm a bike becasue my headlamp gives no clues and there are no lights shining on me, they cant tell if i'm indicating because there are no lights on my right arm. An indicator would show them i was turning right.

If anyone has a good suggestion for these i'd love to know.

PS i'd also use it to supplement hand signals at various points.