Do you get 'competitive' when spotting a fellow cyclist?

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Manx Cat
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Do you get 'competitive' when spotting a fellow cyclist?

Postby Manx Cat » 24 Feb 2009, 7:12pm

I was going home this evening, wiht a slight feel of glee to start off with, as I am now off work until Monday!

It was raining, but as I started up the hill out of Onchan, there in front of me was a cyclist. And best of all, he was struggling up the hill. Now one thing for sure I have noticed since doing my new hilly routes is that my hill work has greatly improved.

So, without effort, I pulled past and onwards with a cheery hello as I passed. He was on a nice skinny road bike so all the better as the hefty Manx Cat et al cycled past.

Not having a mirror I had no idea where he was once I passed and expected to hear the whoosh of wheels in the wet. Nope, nothing. So I assumed he had gone. Carried on wiht my ride.

Then, as I turned for the downhill bit, the whoosh started, not to be outdone, I clicked up to 14th gear and glided away. (sniggering to myself cos Ive NEVER yet managed to get past someone and keep it that way!)

Finally, I out did him again on the next hill.

Then, the traffic enforced me to wait at the junction, when he caught up with me, said hello again, and then he nipped smartish into the traffic while I waited for it to clear! Blast... he got me in the end!

Finally, the route home, another hill, I was on this tail the whole way, and then had to turn left for home while he carried on.

That was a great feeling!

It didnt harf make me cycle faster too! I was smirking all the way home! Do you get that 'competitive edge' when you see another pair of wheels?


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Postby Biscuit » 24 Feb 2009, 7:18pm

Yes, I dont know why..... and not always :-) Is that a 'photo of you by the way after you got in (the avatar)?

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Postby ianr1950 » 24 Feb 2009, 7:26pm


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Postby eileithyia » 24 Feb 2009, 7:42pm

Sometimes, sometimes not. Can depend on a variety of factors; how I feel, how far I am going, what else I might be doing that day.
Ie do not try to get into commuter races if I am going out again racing/training that evening. I tend to find the tt season satisfies my competitive streak, so it is often this time of the year that I get to be a bit competitive, ie before the season starts.

It always amuses me when a kid on bmx tries to outsprint me thru Preston or Bamber Bridge (Brig to the locals).
It does aggravate me when some bloke decides to take shelter on my back wheel!

Well done Mary, clearly you becoming fitter and stronger, you should have some confidence in your ability.
I stand and rejoice everytime I see a woman ride by on a wheel the picture of free, untrammeled womanhood. HG Wells

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Postby glueman » 24 Feb 2009, 7:51pm

I used to but I (and my legs) grew out of it. In France I'd even chase down the local racing clubs while carrying full camping kit. Stoopid. These days I prefer being overtaken.

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Postby dmiller » 24 Feb 2009, 7:55pm

Its daft.

Its childish.

Its not all that friendly if its clear your trying to spank by someone.

And I cant help doing it all the time! :lol:

(There is a guy on a old clunker mtb that is on crazy 2.3's that are flat with the worlds rustiest drive chain and he zips past me every morning so its not all about the bike - watch out for that when you are racing people! Its also much easier if the person you are racing doesnt know...)

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Postby djacklin » 24 Feb 2009, 8:02pm

Hare and the tortoise.
I have just started commuting to work on a hybrid, girl over takes on a short sharp steep hill on a mountain bike, powers past me looks back I am still there and closing in, at the top she has to stop (for a drink ) I trundle past, mr slow (love it)

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Postby Mick F » 24 Feb 2009, 8:05pm

Mick F. Cornwall

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Postby skrx » 24 Feb 2009, 8:19pm

I can't really, there's either too much traffic, or too many junctions, or on the smaller roads/paths I'm unlikely to see another cyclist going in the same direction (and most of the ones I do see are about 8 years old, so it's not really fair to race!).

I sometimes try and race the train when I'm alongside the railway, but I doubt I'll be beating it any time soon ;-).

Mostly I just try and beat myself.

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Postby boink » 24 Feb 2009, 8:31pm

I do have that feeling although I'm generally such a slow coach that blokes om mountain bikes with works jackets on are too quick for me.

Did have some satisfaction on the caledonian canal when two younger blokes with all the kit flew past my mate and I at about 18mph, similiar kit to us etc.
We passed them at a little post office 2 miles or so on, pretending to buy postcards! At least that was what we told ourselves as we pushed on at a much higher tempo than usual to Loch ness backpackers, looking over our shoulders all the while...

We're all a bit silly aren't we?

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Postby dan_b » 24 Feb 2009, 11:17pm

Yes, every time. Though in central london there's really not much opportunity for a good race - it usually ends up turning on who's prepared to take more risks filtering/jumping lights.

I used to enjoy racing fixie riders in the days when I was skating to work. For some reason being overtaken by a bloke on roller skates really gets up their nose.

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Postby Si » 25 Feb 2009, 9:44am

I find these days that I slow down when I see a cyclist up ahead so that I don't have to overtake and then have him/her becoming competitive and trying to overtake me again or, worse, have them sitting a couple of cm from my back wheel.

Just can't be doing with these young (or even older) competitive types whose abilities are far outweighed by their ambitions :wink: (see "passing and blowing")

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Postby pete75 » 25 Feb 2009, 5:17pm

I did when I used to ride a 25 most Sunday mornings....

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Postby anniesboy » 25 Feb 2009, 6:27pm

just don't try to catch this 72? year old.

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Postby john_roberts » 25 Feb 2009, 7:34pm

I get the urge but resist!

Happened to me on my first ride out in years, was overtaken by a youth on an MTB riding on the pavement (he was, I was on the road) then I followed him past one of those radar speed displays. He was clocked at 14 mph and I wondered what mine was going to be... 8 mph :cry:

I had to convince myself he was half my age and twice as fit :lol: