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well well well

Postby troywinters » 15 Dec 2004, 4:19pm

at last an explanation as to the high death rate through road traffic incidents in lincolnshire. a policeman who attended a serious accident, well fatal to the two horses anyway, said after in the Lincolnecho that it wasn't the drivers fault that she drove into the horses because they were on a unlit road at night and as she wasn't exceeding the speed limit ( 60MPH ) then how could she be expected to see them. So much for the only driving as fast as you can stop from in the distance you can see to be clear doctrine.
There's something seriously wrong with the fundamental driving ideaology of people nowadays. even railway crossing gates are getting blamed for causing accidents when in fact it's the idiot car drivers who are ignoring the warnings and trying to beat the train and failing.
take responsibilty for your own actions, something that applies not only to driving but to a raft of problems affecting this society today such as teenage hooligans rampaging through the night because 'they haven't anything to do'


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Postby Elucasr » 28 Dec 2004, 6:14pm

Its the "Lemmings syndrome", shut your eyes and mind and go!