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Sardinia info please!

Posted: 9 Jan 2005, 4:58pm
by ChrisP
We plan to fly to Cagliari (EasyJet) with the folding tandem at the end of April and head north through the hills as far as Fonni staying in 2/3 star hotels. Has anyone been to this area? any comments, good hotels etc?

Re:Sardinia info please!

Posted: 4 May 2005, 12:36pm
by bonelf
Not much of a help but spent three week of last year in Cagliari. It was great will get back there again some day, locals friendly but not a lot of English spoken, roads of a good quality but twisty as you might expect. Local beer very nice and Pecarino cheese equally good.

Have fun.

sardinia info

Posted: 2 Apr 2007, 10:53pm
by raymondo
I am doing same with singles from 18th april. Use the web there are many hotels and routes. Sherpa expeditions, saddle skedaddle, sardinia by bike,just pump thos titles into google you get some info

Posted: 3 Apr 2007, 9:55pm
by dodger
Why not record your tour and pass it on to CTC tours list so we can all have a look.
Won't help you but it will help others coming later.

Posted: 4 Apr 2007, 12:46pm
by ReedWarbler
10 years ago I did a CTC Tour that went from the North of Sardinia to the South over 2 weeks. It was excellent touring country and very quiet.

So quiet, in fact, that things like postcards and sun cream (unless you only use factor 2!) were unavailable at the small shops in the towns and villages away from the coast.

Our accommodation was pre-arranged by the leader, so I can't help you much there, but I recollect it as being simple but quite adequate. I think our leader had scouted out the tour in advance and picked hotels at suitable places - including a couple of nights in a Youth Hostel that did us some of the best meals we have had anywhere in Italy.

We went in the late spring and the wild flowers were spectacular.