overnight accomodation

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overnight accomodation

Postby stott » 13 Jan 2005, 5:18pm

I am a keen day cyclist and would like to venture further afield.I am aged 71 and have a problem with snoring so cannot use YHA. Any suggestions about suitable accomodation-and storage of the bike?/
Thank you


Re:overnight accomodation

Postby TATANAB » 13 Jan 2005, 7:01pm

It is nice that you recognise a social responsibility. I stopped using YHs many years ago because of disturbed sleep. I took to B&B and small hotels. B&Bs are often not much more than a hostel. Cycle storage I have never found to be a problem in either case.


Re:overnight accomodation

Postby Marc » 13 Jan 2005, 10:03pm


Are you the snorer or do you find snoring impossible to sleep through.

I admit I snore badly a combination of being overweight and having a floppy rear upper palate.

My interest is that others snoring can keep me awake and my fear of disturbing others ruins my sleep too.

I went to the Pyrenees with a close friend sharing a room, the solution ear plugs.

The little yellow ones which motor cyclist use. They are yellow sorbethane about 10mm across by 15 high cylindrical, you roll them between your forefinger and thumb until about a matchstick size then quickly to avoid them expanding before inserting slide them into the ear canal.

The expand and I can only describe them as subtracting the world of external sound from you, leaving you hearing the inner workings of your body.

Now when I go away I acknowledge my needs and use them when snored against and offer them to those who can't sleep when I'm off.

Don't get me starting an farting in company ., . .




Re:overnight accomodation

Postby Kevin » 14 Jan 2005, 9:39am

The Cyclists Welcome part of this site exists for just your purpose, each accomodation provider tells you what facilities they have for you and your bike.

Satisfaction rates from members has generally been excellent



Re:overnight accomodation

Postby stott » 21 Jan 2005, 4:50pm

thanks for suggestions stott