Taunton to Siping city (China)

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Taunton to Siping city (China)

Postby Seb » 23 Jan 2005, 4:55pm

Me and two friends are planning to cycle from Taunton (Somerset) to Siping city in eastern China. As none of us have ever attempted to do any cycling on this scale before we are looking for advice on pretty much anything that we may encounter (probably on the problems of long distance cycling etc.). The countries we are hoping to be passing through are: France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and China. Advice on the terrain and difficulty (or just whether it is at all possible to cycle in these places) would be greatly appreciated.



Re:Taunton to Siping city (China)

Postby andyp » 24 Jan 2005, 8:38pm

That's more or less the same route I've been researching, from UK to Beijing. Chances are we're choosing between the same border crossings, cities to pick up visas en route etc. Drop me an email, if you like and we can compare notes - andy