Waterloo to Liverpool Street

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Mike Bunce

Waterloo to Liverpool Street

Postby Mike Bunce » 7 Feb 2005, 10:10am

Can anyone suggest a good route from London Waterloo railway station to Liverpool Street railway station.


Re:Waterloo to Liverpool Street

Postby Gary » 8 Feb 2005, 2:49pm

Leave Waterloo via the big memorial arch to where the taxis are, there is a purpose built cycle lane, leading you down a ramp, cycle across the lights on york road, go across and into concert hall approach.

If you are unfamiliar with London, this brings you onto the South Bank, next to the Royal Festival Hall. Turn roughly right, keeping the Thames on your left, you are allowed to cycle along here, being considerate to the pedestrians. Keep on heading along the river, following the thames path until you come to Drakes Galleon, the Golden Hind.

You should hit cobbles now, keep as close to the river as possible until you come onto Montague Street.

London Bridge arches over your head at this point, to your left are 'Nancys Steps'.

Climb up these with your cycle if you can, and cycle north across London Bridge. At the far side there is a filter lane left, avoid this, head straight ahead, you will bear slightly right, but DO NOT turn right.

You are now heading toward Bishopsgate.

After 2-300 meters Liverpool Street should be on your left.

You can avoid the steps at London Bridge by going UNDER the bridge, then turning right at the next junction into Tooley street, then turning right again at the lights onto London Bridge.