Defending yourself

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Re: Defending yourself

Postby Geriatrix » 12 Sep 2011, 11:33am

Alan D wrote:Many years ago, I did do Ki Akido, cannot rember much about it now. Does anyone here practise a Martial Art? Have you ever used it to defend yourself in a road rage incident? Any other thoughts on this unpleasant subject?Alan

This is a difficult question to answer because until a violent situation presents itself, no person really knows how they will react.

I am an ex Karate instructor. I gave up because I moved to the UK and I found things very different here. There is never a replacement for a head instructor and club that you have trained with and at for most of your adult life. Cycling has more than adequately replaced martial arts as an exercise regime and I’m happy with that.

I do remonstrate with drivers if I am subject to bad driving if I get the chance. I have had a few aggressive responses but none that have ventured beyond shouting dressed with a bit of profane. I will never initiate violence so if it does happen it will have to come from the other person.

My approach is not particularly clever. I do it because my blood is up more than any sense of reason. The risk in confrontation is real. I have been in the game for long enough to know that if you get the wrong guy and you are in real trouble.

A good street fighter won’t indulge in a shouting match. There will be no pre-warning in the form of “fronting up”. You won’t see the punch coming. The first you will know about it is when you are on the ground and he’s putting the boot in. And he will continue to do so way beyond the point that he needs to eliminate you as a risk to himself. That’s what makes him a street fighter.

Mentally rehearse an exit strategy if there is any threat of confrontation. You can cycle faster than an attacker can run so get away from there. It’s better to put your pride at risk than your safety.

Above all, DON’T initiate violence, whatever the provocation.
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Re: Defending yourself

Postby Lawrie9 » 12 Sep 2011, 12:58pm

You can use a short metal pump to defend yourself like a police truncheon. Never hit anyone on the head. The police tend to go for the soft tissue areas such as the back of the thigh to temporarily disable the assailant. Also you could quickly release your saddle and that can be used to defend yourself particularly if it is a lightweight road bike. Try and defuse a situation before it gets violent but occasionally you have to use whatever you have got to defend yourself.
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Re: Defending yourself

Postby Jonty » 12 Sep 2011, 1:53pm

It must be difficult if you're holding a bike. Several times in my life several potential assailants have backed off. I put it down to not looking frightened, turning slightly sideways to protect myself from a kick, raising my open hands to chest height, looking at my potential assailant, and speaking calmly but firmly in a broad Belfast accent.

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Re: Defending yourself

Postby Ian Raleigh » 12 Sep 2011, 4:33pm

Oh crap just read these posts ! I'm not saying who but a close friend carries two billiard balls in a pair of tights, i'll say no more..... :oops:

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Re: Defending yourself

Postby wirral_cyclist » 12 Sep 2011, 5:04pm

benm wrote:
but then again i don't ride around with a "cycle cam" on my head looking for trouble to put on my latest post on U TUBE ..
I DO ride around with a "cycle cam" on my head, looking for trouble to put on my latest post on U Tube yet I seldom find any (two incidents of very close passes in 2 years, 1 SMIDSY).

I suggest that the presence or absence of a "cycle cam" has little or no bearing on the behaviour of the people in control of vehicles in a given location.


Devils advocate :twisted:

I think self-selection applies to most helmet camera users, they ride in a way that causes issues, so they get a camera to record the effects and never realise the causes, a lot of youtube footage would look very different I'm sure with a look-down camera to see 'benign' hand signals etc.

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Re: Defending yourself

Postby delport » 12 Sep 2011, 5:21pm

Ian Raleigh wrote:Oh crap just read these posts ! I'm not saying who but a close friend carries two billiard balls in a pair of tights, i'll say no more..... :oops:

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