Lets Campaign For Cycling

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Lets Campaign For Cycling

Postby Spen » 23 Sep 2004, 12:01pm

Nearly everyone who posts regularly on this site has some form of gripe, eg about motorists, pedestrians, planners, helmets, weather etc.

Lots of negativity around.

if we are to improve the cyclists' lot, we need to bring about change.
If it is to be successful, the changes need to be SMART

for example, banning cars or resurfacing all roads is simply not achievable.

What proposals does anyone have for changes we could campaign for.

Personally, I would like to see the return of the Public Information Films(PIF) on TV. These could replace the clips shown between programmes, eg ITV stars looking silly or rugby players dancing etc.
I would propose that PIFs advising on the Highway Code and related matters- eg advising people what the ASLs mean and what the different road markings mean ,as well as other non cycling related Highway code matters.

These PIFs would cost no more to make than those trailers/clips currently shown. It would work on a drip basis ie little by little the information would become part of the knowledge of the nation.

I am convinced that much of the problems on the roads is down to a lack of knowledge of the rules of the road and a lack of thought for others.

Any other proposals?

John S

Re:Lets Campaign For Cycling

Postby John S » 24 Sep 2004, 4:22pm

Hey, Spen, what's the betting most of the readers here are also C+ readers?


Re:Lets Campaign For Cycling

Postby ratchet » 24 Sep 2004, 7:35pm

How well I remember the 'Wear Something Light At Night' PIF which was around in the 60's! Great little 30 second snippits which stuck in peoples minds - well it did in mine

Like all cyclists I've suffered at the hands (wheels) of graduates of the '$u"k You School of Motoring and Etiquette' and some reminders of their obligation to the more vulnerable road users wouldn't go amiss


Re:Lets Campaign For Cycling

Postby gerry » 24 Sep 2004, 7:35pm

Get in touch with whoever edits your Parish Magazine. They always need articles. I write a nominally "local transport issues" page, which somehow always seems to have cycling slant.....
And every household in the parish gets one. (Unitary authorities may be different, though).


Re:Lets Campaign For Cycling

Postby nigel » 8 Oct 2004, 6:06pm

Spen - this is excellent. Well done for posting the original message. I hope I'll be able to come back to this again and again.
I haven't much to offer but I do often make an effort to be helpful to motorists in small ways, ie. by tapping on windows at traffic lights etc to let them know if they've a brake light that's out -it's friendly, good PR, and everyone wins.

france tourer

Re:Lets Campaign For Cycling

Postby france tourer » 28 Oct 2004, 1:24pm

Lets campaign for cycle lanes that are not part of the pavement or not part of the road


Re:Lets Campaign For Cycling

Postby Guy » 28 Oct 2004, 3:34pm

france tourer, where do you want to ride then? As far as the law is concerned the bicycle is a ROAD VEHICLE and is LEGALLY ENTITLED to be on the road. Don't play into the antis hands, campaign for BETTER STANDARDS OF DRIVING and you won't need cycle lanes on pavements, roads or anywhere else.


Re:Lets Campaign For Cycling

Postby Leeboy » 10 Feb 2005, 5:30pm

Spen, your last paragraph mentions a lack of thought for others, that is exactley the problem, coupled with the fact that when a person gets behind the wheel of a car their whole personality changes, and they become extremely jealous about other road users gaining one inch further in the traffic than them, God forbid you cycle past them, either on their inside or legally on the offside, plus a lot of them are fat lazy ******** who think they own the road.


Re:Lets Campaign For Cycling

Postby Marc » 10 Feb 2005, 11:41pm

How timely Spen and what a good idea to start the public thinking. I whole heartedly support you and have just tonight discussed the road riding and poor driving experiences as being approached in the same way as the drink driving issue, using social opprobrium. I'll keep in touch.

One thing shouldn't this threead transfer to the Campaigning and Public Policy section?


P.s. Are you Spen666 from the Cycling Plus forum?