Collision at Dunton Green, Sevenoaks

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Collision at Dunton Green, Sevenoaks

Postby muntjac » 23 Dec 2012, 12:49pm

My son was riding south on the A224 towards Sevenoaks on the evening of Friday December 21 about 5.15. As he approached the junction outside the Rose and Crown other vehicles were waiting to cross the lane, one facing him turning right off the A224, and another on the left waiting to join it. He was about 10 metres from the car on the left when it pulled out onto the A224 and stopped, blocking the traffic lane. He was unable to pass behind it because of bollards in the centre of the side road, and, unable to stop in time, he was forced to attempt to pass in front of it. He hit the front wing of the car and was thrown over the bonnet, landing on the road on the south side. The driver immediately sped away to the north and it was the drivers of other vehicles in the vicinity who called the police and ambulance. The car was a small to medium sized hatchback, silver in colour, and the registration began LX02. Sadly none of the witnesses managed to get the rest of it.

He spent a day in hospital and has lost five teeth as a result of this. The cost of the dentistry will run to several thousand pounds which we would love to claim off the driver's insurance. If anyone spots a car in the Sevenoaks area matching this description, which has recently acquired minor damage to the front end, then either myself or Sevenoaks police would be very interested to hear about it. Sevenoaks Police incident number 21/1233

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Re: Collision at Dunton Green, Sevenoaks

Postby hexhome » 23 Dec 2012, 12:55pm

Commiserations, hope that your son recovers soon and that Christmas is not ruined. Suggest posting this as far and wide as possible.

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Re: Collision at Dunton Green, Sevenoaks

Postby muntjac » 23 Dec 2012, 1:12pm

Yes, I agree. If anyone can post this onto other forums please do. The wider it spreads the greater the chances of success.

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Re: Collision at Dunton Green, Sevenoaks

Postby thirdcrank » 23 Dec 2012, 1:36pm

As wll as offering you my seasons greetings and sympathy, this may be of more practical use:- ... efault.htm

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Re: Collision at Dunton Green, Sevenoaks

Postby gaz » 23 Dec 2012, 2:50pm

The news is circulating around West Kent DA, I'm sure people will be keeping an eye out for the vehicle.

Best wishes for your son's speedy recovery.
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Re: Collision at Dunton Green, Sevenoaks

Postby 661-Pete » 24 Dec 2012, 8:49pm

Sympathies all round: a particularly nasty way to start the holidays! As one who has lost teeth twice through 'kissing tarmac', I can well imagine what your son must be going through!

I found the location of the crash easily enough from your description: here, showing the view that the driver would have had of your son's approach from the north. There is no way he could have missed your son if he had been paying normal attention to the road. Classic SMIDSY - sorry to apply that well-worn acronym, but shows how damaging the result can be when a driver looks and does not see. How can we fight that?

And of course it's a hit-and-run. That driver's in a lot of trouble when they do catch up with him...

All the best for a speedy recovery and good luck with your attempts to trace the driver!
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Re: Collision at Dunton Green, Sevenoaks

Postby northstar » 25 Dec 2012, 8:30pm

On the met roadsafe form, they seem happy to recieve only part of a registration, perhaps they might be able to assist kent/sevenoaks police in finding the vehicle?

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Re: Collision at Dunton Green, Sevenoaks

Postby jan19 » 28 Dec 2012, 9:05am

I hope your son makes a speedy recovery.

I know that bit of road very well, and have been along it numerous times. I'll mention this to others I know who cycle round the area (my husband and his group are often in the area when they go out.)

I wish you luck with the car, however LX is one of the most common London prefixes so I think it may be difficult - thousands of cars would have been registered in 2002 in London and an awful lot would have been silver. I'm sure it could be tracked down - whether the Sevenoaks police would think it a worthwhile use of their resources is another matter.