Drivers using mobile phones

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Re: Drivers using mobile phones

Postby tatanab » 8 Sep 2013, 7:10am

IrishBill76 wrote:I saw some clown on a bike the other day...both hands off the bars...looking at his mobile...texting.
I stood there hoping he'd hit a big deep pothole...
In France to see Le Tour this year, I saw a local youth doing just that -- he rode smack into the back of a scooter that had stopped at a red light. Prat.

On the theme of common motoring offenses, even here in small town England I can guarantee that 10% of motorists cannot be bothered to wear a seat belt. That is an enormous figure if it is representative of the whole of the country.

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Re: Drivers using mobile phones

Postby thirdcrank » 8 Sep 2013, 2:50pm

[quote="fluffybunnyuk"] ... Still I reported it so I feel better, last i'll hear of it though...but civic duty done ... [quote]

Support your local sheriff, or to be more precise, your local Police and Crime Commissioner. They have a lot of influence over policy in things like policing priorities. Having been elected on such pitifully low turnouts, they must be glad to get support from anybody. :lol: