3rd time unlucky

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Re: 3rd time unlucky

Postby Tonyf33 » 1 Sep 2014, 9:07am

no, only ever put the glue on the tube, never the patch, it's easier to see/feel when the glue is tacky enough otherwise you end up getting glue on your finger and potentially a bald spot with no glue on your patch where your finger tested if the glue was sticky..lol
Last year I found some old scab patches acquired some years back with some tools that came with a couple of frames etc that I'd forgotten I had which were fine. Some of the cheapo puncture kits have horrible stiff puatches which look to be rubbish.
A lot of the kids down my street have grown up and no longer knock on my door asking to fix punctures, crack chains, tighten bolts etc..but the nasty patches in their puncture repair kits were abysmal

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Re: 3rd time unlucky

Postby fretsaw » 1 Sep 2014, 3:04pm

just use puncture proof tyres and tubes;i havent had a puncture for years using these.

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