Bike on Virgin Atlantic free?

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Bike on Virgin Atlantic free?

Postby PaulB » 6 Oct 2004, 5:36am

Does anyone know....
I'm touring in California in Jan 05. Big choice of carrier to Los Angeles. Looks like £288 return cartel price fixed.

But policy varies in tranatlantic carriers. BA and American always seem to honour "bikes go free" (as second piece of luggage). But Delta, for example, seem to charge $60 each bike each way on EVERY journey.

Virgin's website is ambiguous. Says bikes can be second checked item but then says they have rates for sports equipment and to call reservations. A thankless task. Six minutes on hold at national call rate achieved nothing.

Anyone flown with Virgin internationally who can answer, please? Otherwise, it's American - who at least have much better legroom than BA.


Re:Bike on Virgin Atlantic free?

Postby SR » 8 Oct 2004, 2:00pm

I flew Virgin about 15 months back (to JFK). They didn't charge for my bike.

You're right, their website is ambiguous. Can't you send them an email?

All other things being equal they're a good choice.




Re:Bike on Virgin Atlantic free?

Postby sharon » 31 Oct 2004, 10:48pm

I took a bike to Boston, but it was 12 years ago, with Virgin, had no problems at all, bike was "boxed" and arrived at both ends safe and sound with no charge. Obviously 12 yrs on things could be different