Waterproof gloves that are NOT waterproof.

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sore thumb
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Re: Waterproof gloves that are NOT waterproof.

Postby sore thumb » 15 Nov 2014, 2:25pm

NUKe wrote:Are you sure this not just your hands sweating. I have a similar pair of gloves, but find them too warm at this time of year

No not sweating, the rain was that hard I could feel the water leaking in by the fingers.

I had my jacket cuffs over the top of the gloves, so now water got in that way.

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Re: Waterproof gloves that are NOT waterproof.

Postby niggle » 21 Nov 2014, 1:00pm

At least when cycling your body temperature and circulation is helped by the exertion, motorcycling in winter can result in very cold extremities, I have never had quite such cold hands pedal cycling, even with wet through gloves, as when motorcycling (until I got heated handlebar grips which were fab).

For cycling the latest version of Aldi winter gloves are good for up to a couple of hours of continuous hard rain before the damp penetrates and even then are very warm so at the price I recommend them (but you will have to wait for next year's sale now).