Accident with London bus and cyclist - advice required

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Accident with London bus and cyclist - advice required

Postby pedgepuk » 14 Nov 2014, 5:13pm

Hi all,

I'm looking at some advice on how to proceed with my case against a London bus driver who from the information given to me by witnesses, was intending to cause harm whilst I was cycling home from work on Wednesday evening (12th November).

I won't fully explain what happened as it'll be too long winded, but in short, the bus driver cut me up on approaching a bus stop on the A23 in Oval, London and stopped the bus, whereby I nearly fell off due to a pothole having been squeezed towards the kerbside. I cycled to the front of the bus and placed my bike in front of the bus so to get his details. He refused and when asked why he didn't allow me to go ahead, he responded that "I was too small". When asked again he replied "because I don't give a ***". I was standing in front of the bus so I can get my phone to take evidence but he instead reversed and proceeded to go towards me to mow me down, whereby I had to jump out of the way to the middle of the road with oncoming traffic.

I was determined to get the drivers details so followed the bus and ended up 2 miles away in Herne Hill. The bus arrived at the bus stop and I had my phone recording. I asked him again, he flipped the birdie whilst I was panning towards him. He started coming towards me to mow me down yet again, and when driving off he said "it's because I don't give a ***". Again I had to jump out of the way.

On continuing cycling, I ended up along side the driver and said that I've got his details then proceeded in front to get to the left hand lane. He sped up as I could hear from behind and from the reflection of the headlights on the road getting brighter. I had to gain speed as he was now raging, then suddenly as I approached the traffic lights, he's either clipped me or forced me into another cyclist and we've both hit the ground. The bus driver then deliberately drives over my bike which is now a write off.

I've received injuries which include lacerations/grazes/cuts/bruises to my left arm, legs, ankle, hip, hands, shoulder and face. Later that night I was given stitches in A&E.

The police turned up 30mins after the incident and took statements from the driver and myself. The witnesses had dispersed by then although some have been in touch and I've a main witness who was at the front of the bus by the driver cab where she screamed at him to slow down and was he trying to kill me.

I've contacted TFL and the bus company to which I'm waiting on a response to also include CCTV footage from the bus as well as the street cameras of where the two incidents occurred. The bus driver gave me his details at the scene although I later found out that he's provided me with false information when the police officer cross checked the info.

So my queries are:
- Should I involve a solicitor immediately?
- Should I chase the police or await for their contact? I've been told it will take 2 weeks.
- The police officer who queried the information given to me by the driver didn't note that the information provided to me was false. Should I track down the officer down so that this is recorded in his notes?
- The bike is a write off, cycle clothing ripped, mobile phone smashed and other accessories destroyed.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: Accident with London bus and cyclist - advice required

Postby Vorpal » 14 Nov 2014, 9:04pm

I would contact a solicitor. Even if you aren't a member, you can still contact the solicitors that are contracted to support the CTC accident help line, Slater & Gordon.

Otherwise, try to find a solicitor that specializes in cycling accidents.

Keep track of all of your expenses (bus & taxi fare, and any other expenses related to not having your normal form of transport available to you). Make a written record of events, now, whilst they are fresh in your memory.

Take photos of your injuries, the bicycle, and anything else that may be useful in building a case.

See your GP, and make certain that you ask about any aches and pains that could be related to the accident. Injuries sometimes show up well after an event like that.

Good luck.

edited to add: there is also some useful advice at
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Re: Accident with London bus and cyclist - advice required

Postby ArMoRothair » 14 Nov 2014, 9:44pm

Holy cow [I have stronger words in mind but they'd be moderated out].

The bike is 'only' metal and plastic, it's not important in the scheme of things. I hope your injuries mend well and I hope you manage to sleep at night. God knows I thought I'd met my fair share of psychos on London's roads (I commuted to Vauxhall for a decade and know those roads well) so I can only imagine how this would leave me shaking.

Yes, absolutely get solicitor's advice and see your GP.

Ask as many questions as you like here, people will try to help, but just be careful (as you have been) to avoid any identifying information which might undermine a future court case.

Good luck.