Mountain bike for 14 yr old

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Mountain bike for 14 yr old

Postby The fat commuter » 27 Sep 2015, 8:10pm

Hi all

Feel like I'm entering the dark side here coming into the 'Mountain Biking' forum.

Darling Son is after a mountain bike. He was out with his mates today on bikes - all his friends have got mountain bikes but he was on his BMX as he doesn't own anything else.

Anyhow, he's picked a bike - this one: ... 86330.html

He's basing his choice only on the fact that one of his mates has got that bike and it's a nice colour. That's about the budget that he can go up to - £450 ish - but less would be better. He'll be paying for it himself out of his paper round money.

Can anyone recommend any other mountain bikes suitable for a youngster with that budget.

Oh, for any Sheffield folk, he was at Lady Canning's Plantation today. He's just been showing me a video and it doesn't seem too aggressive a track. Apparently they also go to Grenoside sometimes.

Many thanks in advance.

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Re: Mountain bike for 14 yr old

Postby Mattyfez » 26 Oct 2015, 9:06pm

Late to the party here but Have a look at the rockrider from decathlon or the voodoo range at Halfords, a lot more bike for your money!

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Re: Mountain bike for 14 yr old

Postby 3spd » 22 Nov 2015, 8:33am

Went to Sherlock Pines and picked up an ex-rental Felt 7seventy for £250.
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Re: Mountain bike for 14 yr old

Postby greyingbeard » 22 Nov 2015, 10:16am

as ever shop around, the shops are full of mtbs. Go for the right size - by which I mean one he can ride without problems but still has plenty of growing room. A lot of kids his age are on adult-sized bikes, It could last a good nwhile, so its worth getting a decent one (and a good lock). My preference is for the one with the strongest wheels, they will get a hard time. All mountain bikes have strong frames, loads of gears, powerful brakes etc.

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Re: Mountain bike for 14 yr old

Postby Vorpal » 23 Nov 2015, 10:04am

what size? You posted a link for adult bikes; does he take a small adult frame? 16"? 18"?
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