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Strathpuffer 24

Posted: 15 Mar 2018, 3:05pm
by Username ... -episode-8

Interesting show about a 24 hour MTBing event in frozen Scotland. Looks as fun as it does tough :!: I'd love to do something of that sort, except I doubt my body could handle that sort of thing for so long. The lack of sleep alone would crack me up. Makes me wonder how so many people adapt to such endurance.

Re: Strathpuffer 24

Posted: 15 Mar 2018, 3:28pm
by reohn2
Thanks for the link,great race and a great show :D

Re: Strathpuffer 24

Posted: 15 Mar 2018, 5:13pm
by Si
Last time I did a 24 mtb it was the stops that killed me.....we did it as a team. IF I'd just done it solo and trogged along at a sedate pace with a reasonable stop in the middle I would have been fine, but as we were a team we all felt we ought to go at race pace every time it was our relay and some were dead by the end, and didn't even get any sleep in our breaks as, being a team, there was lots of brown beer and scotch on the go!

But I think that the one you want to go for as an intro to MTB endurance is the Real Ale Wobble in mid Wales....yes, it does just what it says on the tin!

Re: Strathpuffer 24

Posted: 16 Mar 2018, 11:56am
by amediasatex
Makes me wonder how so many people adapt to such endurance.

I've been racing 12hr and 24hr events on and off for the last 15 years, Mountian Mayhem and Bontrager (now Pivot) 24/12 mostly.

I've done a pretty even split of team and solo events and I love both ways fo doing it. I enjoy solo in a different way though, it's very much an endurance race and as much mental as physical, I've never quite managed to break into the top 10 when riding solo but have a had a couple of 11th and 13th place results at 24/12 and the placings from 4th-15th are normally quite close, but the guys who go for the win are on another level completely!

Last year I went back to team racing with some friends and we managed 3rd in the 24hr Mens, mostly because we are more stubborn than some others! The weather was atrocious and we jumped about 3 or 4 places overnight as some of the other teams pulled out where as we just kept on going, and going, and going...

Once you're fairly used to long rides it's the 16hr point that things start getting tricky IME. A 12hr ride is just a long ride, a 12hr race is hard work, but just an extension of that, creeping beyond to 14-16hrs is where you tend to be at the limit of normal endurance and also the point at which you're struggling to get fuel back in and you want to sleep so its a real challenge, once you've broken through that barrier and made it to 18-20hrs though your body kind of gets the message that you're not stopping and it's often back on the gas with a 2nd (or 3rd!) wind to the finish!

They are however excellent fun and I can heartily recommend having a go, a small team for a 12hr is a good way to start, or pairs, pairs are good, but hard!

Re: Strathpuffer 24

Posted: 17 Mar 2018, 7:43am
by brynpoeth
Surely 24h events fall foul of the law on working hours
Like some other cycling events they generate enormously long motor journeys, - 99

Re: Strathpuffer 24

Posted: 18 Mar 2018, 10:22am
by amediasatex
Why would they fall foul of working regulations?

I think the Eco issues with people getting to them pale into insignificance compared to everything else that goes on.

You seem very negative towards them, and other events, why is that?