SRAM nx and BB compatibility

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SRAM nx and BB compatibility

Postby Jacare » 7 Jun 2018, 8:25pm

Hi guys, I have a cube aim sl and want to change my drivetrain and I'm thinking about maybe getting the SRAM nx. Does anyone have any experience with it?
Also my cube has a square tapered BB (English thread I think). Some of the SRAM groupsets I've seen come with the SRAM gxp BB and I was wondering if it is literally the case of removing my existing one and the SRAM one would go straight in?

Sorry for the nooblike question but I have little experience with bottom brackets.

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Re: SRAM nx and BB compatibility

Postby hamster » 8 Jun 2018, 8:24am

The GXP outboard bearings will screw directly into your bottom bracket. However a simpler and cheaper alternative is to buy a singlespeed chainring and some single chainring bolts and fit that you your existing cranks.

Note that NX has only a single chainring and as a result a narrower gear range. If you use the inner chainring a lot it is worth considering whether you will get low-enough gearing. Note that 1x setups tend to wear chains faster and cassettes are not exactly cheap.