Dj jumper help

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Dj jumper help

Postby Foriousbikes » 9 Jun 2018, 4:02am

Hi ya

Please help.. Can you recommend dj bikes for me...?

I'm confused and not got any idea... How to narrow down. I dont want to buy then find its not what I needed or not good spec.. I've been reading up but lost in lingo.. Geometry and bike manufacturers sales tactics as well as finding posts that answer one question bu,t
Then lead me more questions?

Currently I have a Sarson n xray 2 it's the best I've had which isn't saying much but due to lack of funds. I like dj because
I can be bold with my movements and find it mostly easy to ride apart from the heavyness of mine isn't fun.

Totally confused as to what my best options are. I have up to 550 second hand. Or new
I haven't ever had this kinda budget before and prob wont again. So I have that pressure to get it right but have dreamed of a better jump dj bike for years

I need the best I can get that will last or I could up grade over time.

Bikes I've seen are
Specialized p3 but am I paying for the name
Kona shred
Scott voltage
I would prefer hope equip or upgradable.. Please no rst..

I would then look at bomber forks or rock shox.suggestions?

Bike required/wishes

Easyier to commute its quite hilly in Nottingham
Not low spec
Strong for beginners jumping off road ING (however I'm still looking for best I can afford) as I will get better over time.
Drive chain maybe 2?
Or crmo?