Giant MPH hydrolic disc brake jammed on..

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Re: Giant MPH hydrolic disc brake jammed on..

Postby philstu » 13 Sep 2012, 5:59pm

prm. What a blinding recommendation. I was at a loose end and viewing internet cycle sites to buy replacement brakes but after reading your suggested fix and a little bit of trial and error I managed to get the hydraulics dismantled and repaired. The brakes work a treat and the adjustment screw is smooth and functional. One suggestion I might make that I found useful was that two 2.00 mm Allen Keys fit into the holes and I was able to apply sufficient strength to get them moving without resorting to a hammer or some other clumsy tool. The same in reverse.

Thanks, saved me money and time and improved my education on cycle repair!

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Re: Giant MPH hydrolic disc brake jammed on..

Postby prm » 18 Sep 2012, 8:49pm


Well done with the hydraulic repairs.
My pleasure to be able to help via the forum.


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Re: Giant MPH hydrolic disc brake jammed on..

Postby brucemcmillan » 4 Jul 2015, 6:15pm


Just a note to say thanks, just came across this when having a recurring problem with my old mountain bike and never been really bothered to get it sorted (it's not that hilly to the pub )

But was playing this afternoon and finally got around to fixing it.

Couldn't work out why it wasn't working, then if finally dawned on me that the plunger wasn't supposed to be tightly screwed onto the thread !! Doh !!

Thanks again


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Lance Dopestrong
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Re: Giant MPH hydrolic disc brake jammed on..

Postby Lance Dopestrong » 5 Jul 2015, 1:51pm

Its It's common in the hot weather on the MPH. If the adjusting wheel on the master cylinder doesn't have enough adjustment to cure it then crack open the bleed nipple on the caliper and let out a tunt dribble of fluid.
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