Rusty disc rotors.

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Re: Rusty disc rotors.

Postby Brucey » 9 Mar 2020, 12:50am

they don't bite like it is dry, and it'll vary with the pad and disc design a bit..... but it is so much better than with some organic pads....

Disc wear is higher than most organics but not all; some organics are called semi metallic and are loaded up with metal etc; they can wear discs out almost faster than anything.

One thing you might not like about them is the noise; in some installations it sounds terrible when sintered pads are used.

A bonus is that if a sintered pad gets contaminated with oil then you have a fighting chance of burning the contamination off.


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Re: Rusty disc rotors.

Postby reohn2 » 9 Mar 2020, 7:57am

So is there any time lag with metal pads in the wet?.....

None that I've noticed.
With Avid CS2 and Wavey rotors using BB7'S braking is same wet or dry,though they can be noisy on occasion when very wet which goes off when they warm up in such conditions,rotor and pad wear is minimal
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Re: Rusty disc rotors.

Postby NATURAL ANKLING » 13 Mar 2020, 6:34pm

I confer that there appears to be be no noticeable time lag when wet, thats better.
Now just need to fix the dragging front brake :P
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