Giant Toughroad srl vs CUBE Cross Pro

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Giant Toughroad srl vs CUBE Cross Pro

Postby sccycle » 17 Apr 2020, 9:00pm

Hi there

I'm looking to purchase a bike which is good for cycling on country roads but also for going across back roads such as farm tracks and gravel tracks.

The Cube cross pro and Giant toughroad both look good options. ... nred-2020/

As a bike novice I'm just wanting to check if anyone has experience of either models and if the specs of one is better than the other.


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Re: Giant Toughroad srl vs CUBE Cross Pro

Postby Paulatic » 17 Apr 2020, 9:59pm

I bought a Toughroad SLR1 last August. It’s a 2019 model which I got off EBay for less the 50% of new price. I suspect it was a 30 day return with a bit of mud on tyres but no other sign of use.
It’s extremely well built I’ve used it all winter without issue. I’d been looking forward to touring with it this spring. The fitted racks are sturdy and have been using it for shopping lately.
It’s replaced a 26” MtB for me and has been ideal for leaving the road and using tracks and single track.
Good points
I love the hydraulic discs
The 2x 10 gearing has done everything I wanted and gear changes have been spot on
A very sure and positive handling.
Things I’ve had to change
The original saddle was OK but I prefer my SMP.
I’ve cut the handlebars down as they were far too wide for my liking. The grips are good though.
The original tyres were ideal if doing mostly off road I found them a bit heavy for road work and replaced them with a 35 mm gravel type tyre. Rolling better on the road and sufficient grip for the tracks I use. Would flounder in deep mud though.
I’ve tried to embrace tubeless but this very day I’ve fitted tubes. Got fed up of regular pumping.
I looked at the dropped bar version but didn’t like the cable to hydraulic adapters.
Would I buy it again? At the price I paid certainly.
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