Wrong bike

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Wrong bike

Postby Quietman » 7 Jun 2020, 10:36pm

This has probably been answered many times however...
I went to my local bike shop for a mountain bike,reading a few manufacturers info i believed that i needed a large bike or 19 inches,,,however inhave no real knowledge of bikes last one i had properly must of been over 30 years ago now 45...so paid for the bike on my debit card and walked the bike home as i had a bag with me..and the weather was quite bad ...
So all i could do was to sit on the bike at the shop could not try it as the weather and no pedals on it etc...so Saturday i geared myself uo for a ride sunday and i thought i would read the instructions for it,,thats when it starts to go wrong,,,,i was asked by the shop on my weight which i told him 116 kg not fat just quite broad,,however in the instructions it states rider must be 100 kg under for the bike...which i was not told as i did tell the shop as he wanted to set the forks but this does worry me as i dont want to be riding it and it to break,,,and second thing is i think its too big after tring to get on it my crotch touches the too bar...do you think that the shop should of advised me better as when i am on the bike at home,not riding it stationary it seems i am all but stretched out too much and not upright as i see everyone else are on there mountain bikes....

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Re: Wrong bike

Postby Jdsk » 8 Jun 2020, 9:30am

Yes. From what you say they should have advised you better.

I suggest talking to them immediately, and not using the bike until you have decided the way forward.


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Re: Wrong bike

Postby Bonefishblues » 8 Jun 2020, 9:43am

You have the option to reject the bike as being unfit for purpose. You told them your weight. They sold you something unsuitable for your weight as evidenced by the manufacturer's stated limit, and there is no way that they can be 'fixed'. Lots on the web.