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Retro suspension forks

Posted: 15 Jun 2020, 8:38am
by Emmett2018
All, got the wife a Trek Navigator 200 off eBay as we've been riding some trails and her hybrid wasn't cutting it. All in all the Treks a great bike and she's raving about how comfortable it is. The suspension has the rubber dust boots covering it that have started to crack and look tatty, can I add some newer 'technological' advancements to the suspension to help maintain it? I note newer bikes with suspension never have the rubber dust boots anymore. Just to add I want to service the suspension if possible as it seems to be working well I want to keep it that way (rst forks fyi) thanks

Re: Retro suspension forks

Posted: 15 Jun 2020, 9:25am
by Emmett2018
"RST CT-COM C5, 50mm travel"

That's the model of fork if it's helpful?

Re: Retro suspension forks

Posted: 15 Jun 2020, 1:46pm
by meejozzz
My earliest mountain bikes all had dust boots and I was told at the time not to remove them as they kept the crud out. I had Rock Shox Judy's and Manitou Sxr' forks both with boots. Of course as time has moved on suspension manufacturers have the stanchions visible, I presume this was because the the seals have improved and there's something more aesthetically pleasing about a shiny stanchion! My guess is that on your RSTs they're there for a reason. I'd keep the vintage look, you don't see that many about these days. Either that and remove them, use them 'til they die and but a new pair.