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New handle-bar grips

Posted: 27 Jul 2020, 6:32pm
by chris_suffolk
Looking to putting my (1999 ish) MTB back into service, and thus have been giving it an over-haul. The bar grips have detiorated, and I need new ones.

The ends of the bars, where the grips go, have a diameter of about 22mm. I've read on a couple of sites that that is a standard size, and all bar grips are inter-changeable. But on some other sites, e.g. SJS, they have an option to select diameter, and only have one (out ot stock) item. Other sizes seem to be 31, 32.5, 35 mm etc.

Can somebody in the know tell me whether they are indeed inter-changeable, or do I need to find some that are 22.5 - and I can't find many that say they are.



Re: New handle-bar grips

Posted: 28 Jul 2020, 11:24am
by tenbikes
I think the 30mm etc refer to the outside dia. Smaller / thinner for smaller hands.

22.2 is what you'll need. Most probably!

Re: New handle-bar grips

Posted: 28 Jul 2020, 6:42pm
by Manc33
What he said, 22.2mm.

The smaller pairs aren't for smaller hands but so you can fit your grip shift shifters on, if you use those (yuk lol).