(Hereford) Children & off-road biking

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(Hereford) Children & off-road biking

Postby CLTatters » 26 Dec 2008, 11:51pm

I tried to arrange some MTB training for my neice & nephewn (9 & 12) for Christmas, however the only options I could find was miles away +/or prohibitively expensive (£60 per child in a group for 2 hours).
So, next plan is to take them biking on some off road stuff. They're both pretty fit (not having a car & biking everywhere!) & have some flattish bridleway riding locally (Hereford).
Could anyone recommend a half day route within reasonable reach of Hereford? (I'm happy to drive up to 2 hours at a push with them).


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Postby lauriematt » 30 Dec 2008, 10:46am

i take you live around hereford then.....

mortimers forest outside of Ludlow has a few good light trails...i use to ride through the forest on the light trails because i didnt like the downhill tracks.

how about queenswood???? do they have any bridleways....as your allowed to cycle on them

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Dave Ross
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Postby Dave Ross » 30 Dec 2008, 11:22am

Coed-y-brenin has to be THE place to go for mountain biking - with trails for all abilities, but looking on the map you will be at least 2 and a quarter hours from here.

Have a look at the MTBWales site, there's plently of trail centres listed and it will also tell you the types of trails and facilities availble at each centre.


Can't beat a MTB Cafe for tea and cake after a good ride :D

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Postby sqwheeler » 12 Jan 2009, 2:38pm

I'm in Hereford and the Forest of Dean is probably the nearest waymarked MTB-specific trail - probably good for kids too as it's pretty short (maybe 3 miles) but fun so a few loops are good for practicing. There are a few little technical bits e.g. ~18" drop-offs, but these are easily avoided. It's quite rooty in places which can be slippy in the wet, but all part of the joy. There's a lot more riding to be had in the Sallow Valets area and around, but you need to know where the trails are - I always get lost! Start from the Cannop Ponds cycle centre, where there's a car park and cafe.

There are a lot of trails on the Malverns, but often full of walkers and dogs, so more fun e.g. early morning weekdays. The 1:25000 map is helpful!

The best direction for 'proper' MTB routes is West - trail centres at Cwm Carn and Nant yr Arian are great and not too long (Nant probably a bit less hardcore). Afan Argoed is a bit further, but my favourite. See http://www.mbwales.com.

More natural trails (mapreading required) are south Shropshire hills (Long Mynd etc.), Wyre Forest (haven't been there) and Cotswolds.

Hope that helps.

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Postby sqwheeler » 12 Jan 2009, 3:57pm

oh yeah re: lauriematt's suggestion - there's no cycling allowed in Queenswood and no bridleways through it as far as I know.

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Postby stevebonk » 14 Jan 2009, 12:37pm

Malvern is ok in the week, weekends are busy. lots of bridleways at the north end but cycling is generally tolerated on the big tracks elsewhere if you are polite with walkers. The Malverns are also dry..... even in the winter most tracks drain nicely and there is very little mud and the views are splendid:)
Back on Track cycle shop has some routes on their website ..
I cycle on the hills every week and have never had any problems with shouty walkers :D

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Postby cloggy » 30 Jan 2009, 1:17pm

It's amazing how ignorant people are about the riding available on their doorstep....... and I'm talking about so called knowledgeable riders, not newcomers. Hardly surprising that there is so little knowledge amongst CT riders as CTC itself has been moribund on rights of way matters for several years now. It's supposed to be one of our duties.
www.roughrides.co.uk is at Kington
It's on the the Welsh Tourist Board mountainbiking website as a destination
There are just two waymarked routes east of Kington but don't bother in wet months. You can park on the edge of Hergest Ridge and ride on the bridleways to the west
By far the most sensible option for beginners is from the pedalbikeaway cafe in the Forest of Dean. As has been said before this is a really good option as a lot of the routes are on old tramways and thus not too energy consuming, though there's plenty of interesting stuff leading off these routes. Be warned though it can be very cold in winter there so make sure the kids have good gloves
The other option is to head for the moors that by their nature dry out and shed water so much quicker than the heavy hereford clays. The Begwns above Clyro is a plateau with almost every track visible being legal for MTBs. You can park up there and nip into Painscastle for refreshments. It's National Trust and that particular management team are bike friendly
Loads of these routes are on the RoughRides website but you can just select a patch close by the road and let the kids zoom about

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Postby fozzy17 » 31 Jan 2009, 12:25am

ive heard they have just started mountain bike riding in aberdare country park, there is camping there and a b+b with a cafe, some lovely country runs, its in south wales around 20 mins from the m4 (near cardiff)

im sure they have just started bike hire or bike tours


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Postby cycleruk » 6 Feb 2009, 7:44pm

Purchase an O.S. map of your area, if you haven't got one. ( or go to your local library and borrow one).
All the bridleways will be shown and get the kids to work a route out (with some guidance :wink: ) for themselves.
Work on the basis of 5 mph and be prepared to get muddy. :D
Try to make it steep up and long down and pick country lanes to join the offroad sections together.
There are some nice bits around your area as we have had an MTB weekend down your way.