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Swapping front tyres on mtb

Posted: 4 May 2009, 9:07am
by grw
My partner's bike came with 'hybrid' type tyres, with a fairly chunky ridge down the centre of the tyre. She's done an mtb course where they told her that the tyres she has aren't really suitable for off road and this is why she is loosing grip going up hills. (Funny how advice coming from someone else is accepted whereas mine is taken with a huge chunck of salt :roll: ) I've got the pressure down in her rear tyre as far as I think she'll get away with for avoiding snakebites but had a though today while I was out riding. Would it make sense to swap the front tyre from my bike, (the tyre is a fairly chunky panaracer type - can't recall the exact model) to the rear on hers?
My thinking was that the requirement for grip is less on the front than it is on the rear - or at least it is in straight lines. Would she gain more than I would lose? Do I really need a tyre with lots of grip on the front? The terrain around here is mainly sandstone, with the occasional bit of sand on the path and rarely mud that lasts more than a couple of metres.

Re: Swapping front tyres on mtb

Posted: 4 May 2009, 4:38pm
by half cog
NOOOOOOOOOO !!! Dont go there!!!. A front end wash out can cost a fortune in trips to the Hospital and time off work not to mention painkillers. I know times are hard but please just buy another tyre.Even a cheap steel bead knobbly will do the job. Better still if its a front specific type. Yes the ones on the rear are important for drive but the ones on the front are there to keep the front wheel going where you want it to. first greasy corner at any decent speed and down you go . Simply not worth it. Dont know if they will do or not but I see someone has some for sale on the notice board. Could be worth a look

Re: Swapping front tyres on mtb

Posted: 4 May 2009, 8:30pm
by gilesjuk
Seconded. Front tyres take a beating from the bumps and when you're cornering the front grip can be the difference between making the turn or sliding over and getting run over by the rider behind.