Carrera Vulcan or Specialized Hardrock Sport Disc ?

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Carrera Vulcan or Specialized Hardrock Sport Disc ?

Postby NewMTBiker » 14 Feb 2012, 1:10am

Hey !
I'm new to mountain biking, and i'm looking to spend about 400 quid.
i particulary like the specialized hardrock sport disc 2011 , especially in red and black, and at the end of the day the brand does have a good rep. But looking at reviews and stuff the Carrera vulcan comes with a higher rating, as the Specialized is critisised for it's forks.
What do you guys think ?
O, and im also not sure about buying from Halfords ( where the carrera is ) as i've heard they're not that good at assembling the bikes ... ... yId_165499 ... oogle#1271

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Re: Carrera Vulcan or Specialized Hardrock Sport Disc ?

Postby al_yrpal » 14 Feb 2012, 9:00am

Forks are important on mtbs. Buy the bike with the best forks. Some Halfords set up bikes badly, be careful. When you get your bike go over it making sure every screw is properly tightened. The cables will stretch so have a look at Youtube to see exactly how to adjust derraileurs, brakes, headsets. Then be your own mechanic it will save you anguish, money and bring you closer to your bike. Carrera bike frames are reputedly made in the same factory as Specialised. Carerras are excellent value, you have excellent SRAM gears and hydraulics on that - wow! I had a Kraken it was an excellent bike, fantastic value. Btw the bikeradar forum is where all the knowledgeable mtbers are. This forum is principally for cycle tourists.


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Re: Carrera Vulcan or Specialized Hardrock Sport Disc ?

Postby porky » 16 Feb 2012, 12:29pm

I have owned a Carrera Kraken and a Specialized Hardrock, I now ride a (heavily modified) Specialized Rockhopper. I would choose Specialized over Carrera any time.

The Kraken was a disappointment becuase it was let down by the less-visible components. I had four punctures in the first week caused by poor rim tape. It seems ridiculous to spoil a £360 bike (as it was then) for £4 worth of rim tape but they did. Other components, like the headset, were equally poor. I also found many of the threads on the frame were badly made and I ended up writing-off the frame when trying to replace the BB as the shell was distorted and I ended up crossing the threads (so my fault I accept, but the distorted shell didn't help).

The Specialized bikes I loved. The Hardrock is now nine years old and is on its second life with my daughter. I decided against a new bike this year and spent the money keeping my Rockhopper alive. If you see a bike as a long-term investment then I would definitely go for the Specialized.
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Re: Carrera Vulcan or Specialized Hardrock Sport Disc ?

Postby Malaconotus » 16 Feb 2012, 1:50pm

al_yrpal wrote:Forks are important on mtbs. Buy the bike with the best forks.

£400. Rock Shox Forks... ... iad-2-0-11

Review here (of the 2010 model, not the 2011) said that at £650 it was "the most sorted all-rounder we’ve ever ridden at this price"... ... 0-10-37304

Disclaimer: I do work part time at EBC, but I'd honestly be confidently recommending this bike at this price over either of your suggested options whether I did or not.