Giant XtC 2 v Trek 6500

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Giant XtC 2 v Trek 6500

Postby sireid » 17 Apr 2012, 10:53pm

Hello all,

I recently had my garage broken into and had my '09 Trek 6500 stolen (because it was mid rebuild and wasn't chained down like everything else!)

The insurance company have put up to replacing the bike. However after a lengthy phone call with them this evening, they are offering me a 2012 Giant XtC 2 instead of the 2012 Trek 6500! Their explanation being the Trek would have to be collected (from South Wales) whereas the Giant was similar and available for immediate delivery.

Before I discuss this with the insurers, has anyone any experience of the Giant? Though the frames and build quality are similar on both bikes, I reckon the parts on the Trek make it stand out more.
Any thoughts?

Many thanks

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Re: Giant XtC 2 v Trek 6500

Postby Newtface » 20 Apr 2012, 7:05am

The fork is the only thing that leaps out at me - the Trek's Reba is a better fork then the Giant's Recon. Other than that specs are very similar. The Giant XTCs are quite lively - racey geometry, stretched ride position, fast handling - different to Treks which tend to be very neutral. As far as I know, you're within your rights to reject "direct replacement" ~ ask for a cheque to be issued to a local Trek dealer so you can collect in store.