Entry Level Mountain Bike £300-£400

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Entry Level Mountain Bike £300-£400

Postby rtwk » 19 Apr 2012, 9:07pm

Looking For a mountain bike for commuting/general use, long distance. Was looking at ---- http://www.evanscycles.com/products/nor ... 9#features or http://www.leisurelakesbikes.com/produc ... ?&id=17510 or http://www.cyclesurgery.com/trek-marlin ... duct/20166 PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Entry Level Mountain Bike £300-£400

Postby Malaconotus » 21 Apr 2012, 8:22am

All are OK, but not much more, which I guess defines entry-level. The major brands' mountain bikes at that price are much of a muchness. Avoid anything with a freewheel rather than a cassette and check it has double wall rims.

The odd man out is the Trek Marlin. It is single speed (no gears) which is something of an oddity at this price level, with good reason.

For the use you've described, though, I'm not sure a mountain bike is the best choice. Why a mountain bike and not a hybrid?

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Re: Entry Level Mountain Bike £300-£400

Postby Newtface » 22 Apr 2012, 8:57pm

Of the three, the spec on the Norco looks best to me, but it's still a pretty basic bike. With 3-400 , I'd be looking for a used bike - you can buy amazing things with that kind of money and have enough to budget for some good puncture resistant slicks for commuting/ touring.

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Re: Entry Level Mountain Bike £300-£400

Postby porky » 24 Apr 2012, 1:02pm

I would be a bit worried about a used mountain bike. Some take an awful lot of abuse, mine does :)

I would think about a hybrid for the type of use you have described, but if you really want a mountain bike then I would also consider my old favourite, the Specialized Hardrock. Prices from £300 for the entry level one, £400 for one with disc brakes. I have done thousands of miles on mine, commuting, touring and bouncing through the woods,

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Re: Entry Level Mountain Bike £300-£400

Postby al_yrpal » 24 Apr 2012, 1:21pm

You will probably get better advice on this mtb oriented site http://www.bikeradar.com/forums/viewfor ... 7e4b339c9f

Halfords Carrera range get consistently good ratings in comparative reviews. I had a Kraken which was a great first bike.

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Re: Entry Level Mountain Bike £300-£400

Postby gilesjuk » 29 Apr 2012, 11:50pm

Entry level is a series of choices and priorities. Even on high end machines you tend to see mid-range parts. There has to be some scope for upgrades after all.

Do go for disc brakes and wheels that don't fall apart. Gears generally tend to work. Forks tend to be fairly average on most bikes irrespective of cost. A £500 set of forks will be much more plush on bumpy terrain.

Forget full suspension completely, firstly it isn't needed in most cases and on a cheap bike it just takes money away from other areas of the bike.

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Re: Entry Level Mountain Bike £300-£400

Postby Tango » 7 Jul 2012, 7:33am

http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stor ... yId_165499

These are quite well rated as an entry level bike, but I wouldn't let anyone from halfords set it up for me
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Re: Entry Level Mountain Bike £300-£400

Postby Voodoo_Agwa » 29 Aug 2012, 7:16am

I've got a 29er Voodoo Agwa. Comes in about £385 comes with a mix of deore and alivio drivetrain, and some tektro hydraulic brakes.

Brakes aren't the most powerful but the drivetrain is good . I use the bike for commuting 10 miles per day and I ride on farm tracks with it.

I'm planning on gradually upgrading mine to full deore spec over time, and eventually I might replace the fork.

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Re: Entry Level Mountain Bike £300-£400

Postby Bikefayre » 30 Dec 2014, 4:15pm

Have a look at the Revolution range from edinburghbicycles.com