Full susser MTB to suit a 6'4" rider

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Full susser MTB to suit a 6'4" rider

Postby Locksim » 29 Jun 2012, 10:35am

Hi everyone,

Now I've overcome my road bike woes I'm after sorting out my MTB woes - currently ride a Trek Fuel EX8 50cm frame and it's giving me sever backache - despite higher stem/bars etc. It also feel incredibly skittish compared to the 2005 Specialized Enduor that i wish I'd never sold and which was larger, comfortable better at DH etc - you know the story of regrets, I'm sure.

My question is what would be a good s/h buy. I'm not an MTB expert by any means, I tend to do Ashton Court at Bristol, got scared to death by the Cwm Carn red run last weekend etc. I miss my old Enduro but can't find one on ebay.

Is there a good s/h recommendation for a tall man - I'm thinking £500-£800 max, full sus and not the skittish handling of the Trek - which I'll be selling too. Specialized FX trail FSR perhaps but its XL frame size is the same as the Trek...



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Re: Full susser MTB to suit a 6'4" rider

Postby alpgirl » 6 Jul 2012, 10:47pm

Probably better going on a mountain biking forum. This lot only know about touring bikes :wink:

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Re: Full susser MTB to suit a 6'4" rider

Postby Tango » 7 Jul 2012, 7:27am

There are a number of mfrs who make large bikes, I am 6ft and ride an 18" orange 5 and that is available upto 22" frame.

As alpgirl said, checking an MTB forum will get you plenty of sound advice, a couple of the guys I ride with are similar in height to you and they chose bikes that could handle their dimensions :)
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Re: Full susser MTB to suit a 6'4" rider

Postby al_yrpal » 7 Jul 2012, 9:13am

Look on Bikeradar mtb forum. There is a guy on there with the handle Supersonic, he will be able to advise you. They keep a list of the best MTBS for every situation. Bikeradar seems to be the most pragmatic forum on MTBS. Other tend to err towards fashion rather than performance and value for money.

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Re: Full susser MTB to suit a 6'4" rider

Postby Meshuga » 9 Jul 2012, 4:49pm


I am 6' 6" and have never in 20 years found an off the peg standard 26" wheeled MTB to fit me. Even then I usually have to get extra long and layback seat posts and angled stems to make it fit me, often adding ££ to the total cost and making the bike look a little odd in the process!

I have recently gone down the 29er route (20" frame), and found my large size much more in balance. Admittedly I built my own but mainly because I wanted a hub gear, a high spec fork and a few other esoteric bits not found off the peg. However, large off the shelf 29ers should fit you fine. There was a review of 3 in CTC's Cycle Magazine a couple of issues ago, one fully rigid, one with front sus and one full sus. Something like the Charge Cooker (look on Wiggle/CTC Shop) is within your budget, also reviewed on Bike Radar

I have found a HT 29er rolls somewhere between HT and FS 26ers in terms of ride feel and comfort, so by sticking with a HT you will probably get better specced components than on a full suss. Certainly worth trying one, a lot of bike shops are starting to stock them now.