shimano gears and bits

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shimano gears and bits

Postby kenF » 16 Jul 2012, 11:28am

Hi I have a Revolution Courier which needs some new parts. The (Suntour) chainring gearteeth are worn, Im wondering can I fit a shimano Alvio replacement ? as they both have 104mm spacing. Do you think this is a good replacement (its only £10) or should I spend a bit more? I dont want to spend too much as this is only a commutor bike.
I may get some new Deore/mavic wheels for this bike and am wondering if I also change the gearchange lever to a nine speed deore, do I have to also have to change the rear mech (an 8 speed alivio) Thanks.

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Re: shimano gears and bits

Postby Newtface » 18 Jul 2012, 8:03pm

Provided that the rings on the Suntour chainset are bolted and not riveted, then yes, any four arm 104mm bcd ring should fit. Alivio rings are cheap, hard wearing and shift well. The Alivio 8 speed mech will work fine in a nine speed set up too. The things you need to match closely are the shifter, cassette and chain ~ all need to be "nine speed". :)