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Orange patriot

Postby Shadymolly2495 » 31 Mar 2013, 8:17pm

Hello folks looking for a bit of wisdom from you more experienced mountain bikers.I,ve recently returned to cycling after a number of years in the wilderness , nothing special just for fitness, a bit on and off road.Having acquired a decent spec road bike I have recently bought an orange patriot from a friend at work and having ridden it a number of times have realised that a)this is much too much of bike for me and b) I much prefer a more simple hard tail setup.I,m told the patriot is of a decent spec , hope brakes , full fox suspension ,deore group set etc and this is where my problem starts.Should I advertise the bike as a whole , sell it off as separate parts or transfer as many parts to a new frame or advertise for a swap.The bike is in full working order and it seems a shame to break it up.If i do decide to sell it i would need to find out year and i,m led to believe orange don,t keep details of individual bikes after a certain age.Anybody with any suggestions ?

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Re: Orange patriot

Postby 123ttam » 31 Mar 2013, 9:28pm

The Patriot was a down Hill mountain bike, so not so good for general off road or trail center riding.

I would personally see if there are any on ebay and see what they are selling for then sell the complete bike and put what you make on a hard tail.

I recently picked up a specialized Rockhopper pro on ebay for a great price. Its a hard tail and also light for general use and had a high level of spec.