Mountain/Jump bike

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Mountain/Jump bike

Postby Tractatio » 2 May 2013, 5:52pm

Hey, I'm looking for a bike throughout the summer to go riding on, various trails and a bit of jumping on. I usually go for BMXs but have got quite bored of them and having tried a few Jump bikes last year I really liked the feel of them so this year that's what I'm wanting to get or a mountain bike whichever suits what I need/want. So I was just wondering if anyone could give me some advice on what bikes would be the best. I'd prefer somethings that meets these:

Single Speed
26in wheels (Not fussed if 24in though)
Up to £300

Not fussed if second hand or brand new as long as it's in the Uk. Need anymore information just ask.

Thanks Luke

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Re: Mountain/Jump bike

Postby Si » 3 May 2013, 8:46am

Welcome to the forum Luke.
Afraid that there aren't that many on here into jump bikes, so although the forum is a very helpful place, you probably won't get that many responses. Perhaps somewhere like the MBUK forum might have a little more expertise in the subject?


Re: Mountain/Jump bike

Postby Davidkulligan » 24 May 2013, 4:09pm

I am not exactly what age thruster control jump bike is rated for but I am an adult who was looking for a knock around jumping bike and it seems to fit the bill so far. It is basic a hybrid of a mountain and BMX bike and woth 150$