26" folder

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26" folder

Postby jawaka » 3 Jul 2014, 2:33pm

Time to rationalise the bikes. I'm mostly on road but use the mountain bike occassionally on rough tracks and expect to use it on moorland tracks now that my son lives in north yorks. I don't drive after health issues so use the rain from time to time, but more likely is for my wife to drive us, but she won't drive with the bike rack on the car. I think a folder will be practical for my uses. It won't be wild downhill stuff. I'll use it in winter too as I've got 26" winter stud tyres for commuting I know Dahon did one but the only 26" I can find is the Espresso which seems more of an urban bike than off- roader. Montague seem to get good reviews, but seem a bit pricey for the amount of use I'll get Are there others worth considering?

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