Kona mahuna, voodoo bizango or orbea mx20

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Kona mahuna, voodoo bizango or orbea mx20

Postby rp.sapsford » 16 Jun 2015, 1:01am

Hello everyone,

I'm looking to buy my first real mtb for xc over the harsh terrain which is the Lancashire moors. The Internet says to buy the oh so good voodoo bizango but my LBS advised me to go for the kona mahuna or orbea mx20 (he doesn't sell voodoo, but his advice seems genuine and not a money grab).

Now, my biggest issue is the lack of reviews of the kona or orbea. Can't find them anywhere and I swear I've spent about 16hrs looking over last week - I must not know the right places to look!

Could you kind folk help by giving some advice on which to go for? All 3 are £600 or less. Is the voodoo really that good? Which frame is best?
The Halford sale ends today so the bizango will be 600 from midnight, a quick response is appreciated!


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Re: Kona mahuna, voodoo bizango or orbea mx20

Postby davyboy » 2 Aug 2015, 8:46pm

Hi I might be a bit late with this but I have been riding a Bizango and it is a very easy bike to ride,the forks are good. I rode my first decent drop on mine.The finish is fine. Go for it. If you were closer to me I would sell you mine as a neck problem has forced me to stop mountain biking.