Longitude to date

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Longitude to date

Postby tempsperdu » 17 Jul 2015, 7:44am

Any Longitude owners care to share experience to date.
Interested in any mods/upgrades you have made not adding bits but changing/replacing original equipment.

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Re: Longitude to date

Postby Bicycler » 17 Jul 2015, 9:13am

reohn2 is your man: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=93462
Some useful info here too: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=92974

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Re: Longitude to date

Postby tempsperdu » 17 Jul 2015, 9:48am

Thanks but both those threads are 'first impressions' was hoping for an update now a few months have passed.

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Re: Longitude to date

Postby reohn2 » 17 Jul 2015, 3:46pm

I've had mine for over six months,long enough to draw a considered opinion.
Not much more to say than in the first impressions thread really the bike's great everything works as it should,except the OBB chainset which can only be described a rubbish system which is already making a ticking when under hard pedalling,though no play in it as yet,it's the only thing on the bike that I can really criticise.
I've just changed the brake calipers for BB7s mainly because they give more spoke clearance on the front,but also the three other disc braked bikes I own have BB7's,so it standardises maintenance and pads etc.
It's no criticism of the Spykes fitted as standard just personal preference though the original Organic pads wore through within 250miles in winter muck and mud.
I replaced them with Clarks sintered pads which are lasting but can be noisy when heated up.

Another small point which was irritating,I had to replace the seatpost collar(which quite simply was cheap and nasty and should have no palce on such a bike :? and wouldn't hold the seatpost in place :evil: )with a Salsa one same as fitted to my Vaya's which is very good well made kit.

The bike is very stable,very predictable,safe as houses handling even at 25mph on quite rough gravel descents,it simply goes where it's pointed without deviation,and with the big 2.4 in tyres at low pressures(15psi fr/30psi r)is very comfy even at speed on off road gravelly tracks,with no nasty surprises.

To sum it up,I waited a while for such a bike to come along for the type of MTBing I do,it ticked almost all the boxes,and quite simply I'm loving it :D
The downside is ,Genesis in their infinite wisdom have inexplicably totally changed it for next year so much so that the new one is a Longitude in name only,more about the Longitude and silliness of Genesis' current example hear:- http://singletrackworld.com/forum/topic ... e-thoughts
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Re: Longitude to date

Postby mickp » 17 Jul 2015, 10:17pm

Can't comment on the complete bike but I bought a frameset a few months back. I wanted a practical bike that would take a hub gear, large tyres with mudguards and racks, I was going to buy a surly ogre but the genesis was cheaper and didn't have such a stupid name. I fitted a pair of trekking wheels with 47mm Schwalbe Landcruiser tyres which I already had and so far haven't felt the need to upgrade to anything wider, much of my riding is on narrow Devon lanes with often very poor surfaces and just a little off road stuff.
I would second what reohn2 said about how stable and predicable it feels. My main impression is that it is a really long bike, in fact the front wheel is so far ahead of the bottom bracket that Coco the Clown would have no toe overlap issues.
Sadly the latest Longitude is no longer cheaper than the Surly, however if you work in a circus?